Spare Neurons

Ray Allen leaving Boston for the Heat seems odd in today's NBA.  A lot was said at the press conference, but no real answers were given.  Was it Rondo? Was it ego because  Kevin Garnett got his money first? Was it the pay-cut? Is he really title-driven?

I believe his issue is all about Avery Bradley.  Allen flat-out got hurt and lost his job to a younger, better defensive player.  Sorry, Ray, but the job was won by Bradley.  Add that to the trade rumors at the deadline that had him out of town, and I believe Ray Allen had made up his mind never to wear green again by April.  No one turns down twice as much money like he did unless his ego was hit hard.  Sorry to see him leave, but, Ray, don't let the door hit on the rear on your way out.  Beating Miami is now twice as sweet.

* * *

The MLB All-Star break came at the right time for Boston. The Red Sox desperately need the time-off to regroup and decide to reload or unload.  The starting pitching has been abysmal, and since the team has put all their eggs in that basket, it appears that they feel they have to ride Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, and Clay Buchholz until the end of the line. Beckett has no value and is untradeable with his contract.  Buchholz's injuries mean that there is no chance of getting equal value for him.  Lester remains a huge question mark, time and again failing to take the next step to becoming an ace.  Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, these thre ee have effectively sunk the Sox this season.

* * *