Cover32: Bill Belichick is keeping fans guessing with his personnel decisions at tight end | New England Patriots

Bill Belichick is keeping fans guessing with his personnel decisions at tight end | New England Patriots

This year the Patriots’ depth chart included Wright, veteran Fred Davis, and former Buffalo Bills tight end Scott Chandler. Michael Hoomanawanui and his knowledge of the blocking schemes and offense after three seasons in New England still has the upper hand as a depth option.

In addition, the Patriots drafted project and former college quarterback A.J. Derby in the sixth round, signed undrafted free agent Jimmay Mundine, and converted 2012 third round draft pick defensive end Jake Bequette to tight end. Former LSU tight end Logan Stokes was with the team briefly as an undrafted free agent but did not stick around.

Tim Wright was surprisingly released and subsequently claimed off waivers by his former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers...Just what are the Patriots doing at tight end?


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