February 3, 2005


Remember last year when punter Ken Walter was the big story? Seems so strange that Patriots Nation was in such an uproar over the punter. Josh Miller, though, has been a noticeable upgrade from the shaky Walter. Which is not to say that he’s been perfect, he sure had his share of shanks. He may not be Ray Guy, and he may be forever in my mind as the Steelers punter who blasted his punt straight down the middle of the field to be returned by Troy Brown for a touchdown after the first punt which actually pinned Brown on the sidelines was called back due to a penalty. (Whew, that was a long sentence!)

Now that I’ve written this, I’m reading a profile on Miller by Dan Shaughnessy in the Globe. Maybe I can cut and paste that article here, change three words, and pass it off as my own like that boob from Worcester did to the Peter King article. Of course, the boob from Worcester could have maintained that like the 10,000 monkeys with typewriters eventually randomly producing the works of Shakespeare, with 10,000 writers at the Super Bowl writing about the exact same things at the same time with the same quotes could possibly produce something eerily similar.

The boob from Worcester sounds like a trashy stripper, no?

CARL: (seated at bar) “Earl, who’s dancing tonight?”
EARL: “It’s Lurlene, and then the boob from Worcester follows her on stage.”

* * *

All eyes have been on the Patriots secondary these playoffs, and for obvious reasons. As I laid-out in an earlier blog, I believe the cornerbacks are not only up to the task, but also better off in the long run of preparing for life without Ty Law. However, the depth at safety is a legitimate concern. Listening to the talk of “irreplaceable” Patriots on Dennis & Callahan, I could not counter choices such as Brady, Bruschi, Dillon, and Vinatierri (before the playoffs Seymour would have been on the list), but in my mind both safeties, Eugene Wilson and Rodney Harrison, are easily the most irreplaceable. Just think back to last year’s Super Bowl against the Panthers when both Wilson & Harrison went down with injuries in the fourth quarter. I don’t think it was coincidence that the Panther s stormed back in the 4th quarter with both of the Pats safety positions manned by who’s dat and whatshisname.

Belichick obviously noted that the secondary lacked depth and attempted to rectify it through the draft with Gus Scott and Dex Reid being drafted. Unfortunately, Scott was placed on injured reserve for the season during preseason, and Reid has mainly been on the field on special teams when healthy. The Pats also moved linebacker Don Davis to safety where he received numerous repetitions during the season. Still, the safety position needs to be addressed again this off-season. Drafting another safety and signing a veteran would be a smart move. Also, filling the free safety position would allow Eugene Wilson to cornerback (unlike the Tebucky Jones Experience) which is his natural position.

* * *

I love that Terrell Owens believes the almighty (should almighty be capitalized, or maybe in ALL CAPS?) has nothing better to do than personally heal him in time for the Super Bowl. Screw the pestilence, loss of life, wanton destruction and suffering in tsunami ravaged Southeast Asia, T.O. is on the mend! Does it make me a bad person to want to see Rodney Harrison bop him one right on the tibia at full speed?

* * *