In a nutshell, it was ugly. But, for the Boston Celtics, it was an ugly win and that makes all the difference. Sure, you could say that they should never have been so far behind the lowly Atlanta Hawks like they were early on. You could say it was scary that Antoine Walker was the only player who could hit a three-point shot last night. You could say that they looked out-of-sync on offense and defense last night. But you can’t say that they lost.

Antoine, made the “jump up out of your chair and pump your fist” play of the game with the Celtics clinging to a small lead as he stole the ball from Al Harrington, pushed it up court, drove the lane, drew the defender, and then dished it to Ricky Davis for an uncontested lay-up. Two points: 1) Two years ago Antoine wouldn’t have made it down the court this late in the game with those extra 25 pounds he was carrying around, and 2) I was most impressed that he had the wherewithal to make the pass to Davis when I could just picture him taking it to the rim and getting called for the offensive foul.

I missed Paul Pierce’s first-quarter sulk fest, but I was glad to see him pick up his game in the fourth quarter. Ricky Davis looked good as well. I was hoping to see more of Delonte West, especially at the end of the game. Gary Payton may be the veteran point guard, but West is easily the most impressive and sure-handed player when he’s on the court.

The real test for the Celtics comes on Friday night against the defending world champion Detroit Pistons. Alas, I will likely miss most of the game due to the fact we’re taking the kids to see Robots. Imagine a month ago being concerned with missing a Celtics game? What is this crazy world? Who could have predicted the Celtics would someday outdraw celebrity poker?

* * *


It was another classic Boston College choke-job. Following up on the football team’s inexplicable melt-down versus Syracuse that cost the school over $12 million by not securing a BCS berth with a win over a .500 team, the men’s basketball team came out lethargic, fell behind by 22 at the half and fell short in the second-half comeback. Yes, I did predict this. No need for congratulatory notes, just click the links to the ads and support the sponsors, or at least click through and visit the site. It’s all good.

So now BC should be a three seed, and inevitably lose to a fourteen seed. Hooray. Way to go out on top when heading off to the ACC. In a way I feel bad for BC, because their coach, Al Skinner, is a class act and the players are likable guys who were passed over by bigger schools and are playing with a chip on their shoulder. Unfortunately, the magic ride has ended as the 20-0 start has now become 4-4 in their last 8 games.

* * *


Looks like Plexico Burress priced himself out of the New York Giants plans. Maybe if he does the same in Minnesota we will be able to grab him on the cheap, if only on a one year deal, later on in free agency if he lasts past the draft.

* * *

Wade Miller, according to reports is out for at least April. I say, GOOD! No need to rush him back and that goes double for Curt Schilling and David Wells. It’s easier to dig out of an uneven April than to have three pitchers out for the second half of the season because they were rushed in March. Let Matt Clement, Bronson Arroyo, Tim Wakefield, and John Halama handle the load early on. Don’t rush anyone!

* * *