No, not what everyone says to me on the basketball court (Bent, you got no game!), but rather there was no Sox game to obsess over. It is always depressing when I have the Boston Globe Sports Plus section on Friday and the sports section is really two pages and then a bunch of articles about tennis and high school sports. Plus what exactly? Plus more filler that no one reads. Give me more Ron Borges Boxing Notes, put Bud Collins, the best sportswriter on the staff, on the Red Sox beat whether he likes it or not. Why is Jim McCabe limited to writing about golf on Thursday? Why is Mike Reiss stuck at the Boston Herald little sister-paper the MetroWest Daily News instead of being hired away? Even Michael Felger at the Herald manages to whip out a couple of Patriots articles during the off-season. More Chris Snow at the Globe, and make Ronald McDonald Shaughnessy write a few relevant columns.

* * *


Yes, our natural interleague rivals, the Braves, returned to Boson. The Braves. Yeah, I hate them. Damn you Ted Turner, you CNN loving, buffalo eating, Jane Fonda-ling, tomahawk chopping fool! Rivals? Maybe for anyone who was a Braves fan and watched them leave town in the late 1950s right when the team got good after half a decade of incompetence. I am sure my Dad and others of his generation might get a bit riled up, but other than the team once playing in Boston, how are they our rival national league team?

Really, interleague play kind of seems like a lame marketing idea, as the novelty just does not exist anymore. It is like the all-star game. When I was a kid, the only way to see Ozzie Smith was on This Week in Baseball, the NBC Saturday Game of the Week (which was ALWAYS the Yankees or the Dodgers), or at the all-star game. THAT WAS IT! This was the pre-ESPN dark ages of baseball. Interleague play would have been huge in the sixties, but now it barely makes a blip.

* * *


Just have to report on the sad state of my performance for the Middleboro Methodists in the fast pitch softball league on Tuesday night. Due to some guys missing the game for personal reasons, yours truly for the first time in over five years donned the tools of ignorance and squatted behind the plate. Though I did not embarrass myself on the field, I can report that three days later the burning pain in my hamstrings has not subsided. Of course, I just sit here and think: Imagine what would have happened if I had not been going to the gym. They would have carted me off the field in a wheelbarrow! Not that anyone cares, but we won 13-2.

* * *