Red Sox versus the Yankees in Yankee Stadium on Memorial Day weekend the season after the Red Sox beat the Yankees four straight games in the greatest comeback ever in professional sports. The Sox come into the series in desperate need of a spark. They have been as lethargic as I get when there is laundry to be done for the last three weeks of the schedule and maybe the intensity of these games in New York is exactly what they need to pick them up as they head into June in the middle of a four team race for the American League East division crown.

Of course, the Yankees are going to be up for the series. They have turned around their fortunes after starting the season 10-19 and being swept by Tampa Bay. Regular Joe has shaken up his lineup and rotation and gotten much better performances in the interim. The questions remaining for the Yankees, however, include;

1. Is this the best that you can expect out of Randy Johnson?
2. Will Kevin Brown and Chieng Ming Wien continue to pitch as effectively as they have against the bottom-feeders in the A.L. West?
3. Will the inconsistent offense continue to keep piling on runs?

The Red Sox have their own series of questions to answer over the next few series, which include:

1. Will Kevin Millar, like last season, start hitting now that he has some competition for playing time?
2. Will the really Manny Ramirez and Edgar Renteria please stand up?
3. How long until Wade Miller and David Wells settle into that groove that starting pitchers get into?
4. When will Francona bench Bellhorn, play Mueller at second base, and put Youkilis at third base where he belongs everyday?

* * *