It was good to see Boomer breakout of his slump and pitch well. Like the little girl with the curl (or as we say in my house, like Emma), when she is good she is very good and when she is bad, run for cover; when Wells has been on his game, he is unhittable, when his location is off, warm up Halama in a hurry! Well, I should say it was nice to see the highlights on NESN as the game did not start until after 10PM. Of course, the Globe early edition on my doorstep has no game info as the game apparently did not end until around 1AM.

Edgar Renteria popped a homer in the ninth. Great news. I hope he is finally on track and can relax and start hitting the ball to right field with runners on base. He was never a dead-pull hitter with the Cardinals or Marlins, yet this year when runners are on base everything is to the shortstop on the ground. This is what happens when you try to pull every pitch out of the park. It was why Jim Rice hit so many double-play grounders in his career. Renteria, however, is not a home run hitter and should not be trying to jack the ball out to left field with runners on base. Apparently, he is still pressing a bit and hopefully will be able to relax at the plate soon.

Renteria and Wells are polarizing figures on the team; everyone has an opinion on them, either they are liked (for instance, yours truly) or they are hated (the O.C. and Pedro worshippers). I was clamoring for a Nomar for Renteria trade way back when Nomar first hurt his wrist. I have always loved how Renteria plays the game, from his smooth work in the field to his quick bat and speed and aggressiveness on the base paths. Unfortunately, he has been pressing so much this season that the real Edgar has taken the tack of J.D. Salinger and been virtually absent from the public eye.

Wells is one of those (literally & figuratively) larger than life characters who is so good for the game because of the enthusiasm and love of the game that he brings. Sure, he loves the Yankees and all things Steinbrenner, but so does my cousin Andrew, it does not mean you ban the person for life. (Sure, you harass them about it endlessly, but that is part of what makes life fun.) Also, Wells is a little bit kooky, and that always helps.

* * *


I have the secret to turn around the season for the Yankees: trade A-Rod. It worked for Seattle and Texas.

* * *


The big news out of the Patriots cap is Richard Seymour and his no-show. Seymour, with two seasons left on his rookie contract wants a new deal and probably should get one. Now, he is getting paid almost three million dollars this season, so I do not have a lot of sympathy for Seymour, but he is probably the best defensive lineman in the NFL. I know that with his size, strength, youth, intelligence, pass rushing, run stuffing, multiple position playing, and all around athleticism I do not know that there is another lineman I would want more than Seymour; however, he does have to realize that with the Patriots the money he would get on the open market is not going to be thrown his way two years before he reaches said open market.

As I have written before, I believe that the Belichick/Pioli team is well aware that Seymour could very likely be out the door to the highest bidder no matter what efforts they make to keep him, which is part of why they have built so much defensive line depth. I think Seymour is sending a subtle message to Belichick which he has received. How that plays out in the future is unknown, but it certainly bears watching.

* * *