That is what Bronson Arroyo should be sending to manager Terry Francona and celebrity set-up man Curt Schilling, as Schilling removed the goat horns from Arroyo and deflected all the local press away from the fact that Arroyo gave the game away innings before Schilling.

The fact that the Sox got out to a four-nothing lead in the first inning should have signaled that the game was over; however, Arroyo was ineffective to say the least, and along with three home runs, allowed the Yankees to climb back into a game that should have been an easy win. Give credit to Mike Mussina, who, despite not having good stuff, settled down and kept the Yankees in the game and was able to eat up six innings and keep the Sox bats from teeing off on the abysmal group of middle relievers in the Yankees bullpen.

In contrast, Arroyo, who rather than - I do not know, maybe resting, or going over scouting reports, or mentally preparing himself for the game (because, as Curt Schilling repeatedly insists, it is a mentally and physically taxing job to prepare for a start) – instead was out signing autographs, visiting radio stations, and playing concerts before the game. The Diva in Red Sox let his team down by burning through over 100 pitches while allowing a dozen baserunners in less than six innings. A seven inning, two-run stint (not asking too much considering the past few start by Arroyo) would have made just enough difference to keep Schilling in the bullpen and an easy close-out for the Timlin (possibly a non-save situation).

Where was the outrage on the Dennis and Callahan show on WEEI about the Diva in Red Sox letting down his teammates? Where was the outrage from Shaughnessy in the Globe and Buckley in the Herald? I certainly did not hear it.

Yes, Schilling did not look good. Yes it was a tie game. What was the good skipper to do with his bullpen? Mike Myers, Chad Bradford, Alan Embree, and Mike Timlin had already filled their respective roles no thanks to Arroyo being unable to get out of the sixth inning. I do not recall hearing any chants for John Halama Llama. It was Schilling, for two or three innings if necessary because the bullpen was running out of arms.

Schilling lost the game, but the Diva in Red Sox blew the opportunity to win the game.

* * *


What the? How in the? This is total BS. I read that Tito said he was upset with it and would not even go give Kevin Youkilis the news of his demotion to Pawtucket because he did not want to tell him fro Detroit because he was not comfortable with it. Youkilis should be starting at third base, playing first base against lefties, and be given the chance to play everyday. By the way, great job again last night, Smellhorn. Working deep into the count does no good if you strikeout every single time a hit is needed.

* * *


Not enough was made about the play by Manny in left field in the first inning. Robinson Crusoe, I mean, Cano doubled down the left field line and Manny made a pretty cheesy sliding attempt for the ball which he missed by only five feet. The ball took a fortuitous bounce off the side wall back towards Manny which he side-armed to third not unlike a second baseman turning a double play. After he threw it, Manny turned his back to the play and started walking back to his position, totally nonchalant, as if he was knew he had him out and was too cool to watch the play at third.

* * *


Red Sox-Yankees series and Harry Potter book six. Oh yeah, that is a good weekend. By the way, a little advice for the idiots at the bookstore on the Cape who had an eight foot Harry Potter wooden painting stolen: DUHH! It was stolen? I am shocked. I am just totally shocked, outraged, and amazed. Crap, if I knew it was there it might be in my kids room right now. Just one call to Gallagher and we would be throwing back the Pabst Blue Ribbons and then loading Harry into the back of the minivan at 2 AM.

Oh yeah, a couple more Harry Potter related grudges to bring up: bring back Sirius Black, Neville Longbottom had better have a major role, and Ron and Hermione should be a couple by the end of the next book. Is that too much to ask for from two books?

* * *