Patriots on at 8 PM; back-to-back episodes of Scrubs on at 9 PM; and the Red Sox on at 10 PM; too bad I could not stay up past 10:30 PM. Anyway, off with the mask, and on with the show!

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Is there a more perfect fit at back-up quarterback for the Patriots in the Bill Belichick era than Doug Flutie? Flutie is simply the classic overachiever in a game that eats up feel good stories and spits them out. In a Hollywood script, Robert Edwards would have come back from his debilitating Pro Bowl beach football injury with a bionic leg and been leaping over linebackers like he was the six-million dollar man (complete with the cool boi-wongggggg sound effect that to this day I hear in my head when someone mentions Lee Majors); however, in the NFL, most players end up like Edwards actually did: a failed comeback, a limp, and dreams of what could have been.

Flutie relieved Tom Brady and immediately made his presence felt as he led the Pats to two quick touchdowns and injected some real excitement for the fans into a meaningless exhibition game against a team that will once again underachieve and finish out of the playoffs. Just seeing Flutie in the number two jersey lined up behind center is enough for me. To see Flutie at QB for the hometown team one last time was a pure, unadulterated joy


I refer to the two players who really improved their stock and made folds sit up and take notice: Tim Dwight and Ellis Hobbs III:
* Dwight was shining bright on special teams returning a few kicks and at receiver, where, in addition to hauling in an underthrown bomb from Brady by making a great adjustment, he hauled in a few more catches as well and looked quick and slippery.
* Hobbs looked better at cornerback where he looked faster than Deion Sanders by getting to Aaron Brooks for a sack, and although he gave up a touchdown on the play, he nearly picked the pass off as he got up to get his fingertips on the ball. In the return game, Hobbs was electric.

All of this is not a good sign for Troy Brown and Chad Morton as they fight for a roster spot that likely would include return duties.

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I officially have no comment, having lasted two innings before finding the blissful ignorance of sleep; however, I did flip to the Pirates game against the Mets and must say that Zach Duke is one heck of a pitcher as the Mets cold not touch him in his seven innings of work. The lefty is 6-0 and the only reason I still have a shot at the playoffs in Fantasy Baseball this year.


Another game, another crappy performance by the pitching staff. Oh, there are the usual caveats and excuses that you usually hear after they suck it up yet again, but I am getting sick of subpar performances. Forget the bullpen, if the starters give up so many runs that the team is in a deficit to begin with, what does it matter.
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Zach Braff is the man. Nuff said.

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