Great article in the Boston Herald recently by Gerry Callahan in which he expands on a subject brought up by touchingallthebases blog writer Chad Finn; Callahan throws out the interesting subject of how buff and powerful Mr. Jason Giambi appears to have become yet again this season. After a year and a half of physical weakening, Giambi is suddenly once again showing New Yorkers the tainted love they love so much.

In contract, now that everyone in the greater Boston area has heard the profanity-laced 4:30 AM tirade at Ryen Russillo by John Dennis, is there any reason Mr. Metco Gorilla himself is skating free and clear on this? Oh yeah, WEEI thinks this is cool and it serves as free publicity for them. Dennis seemed to really have no point, other than Russillo talking adown about him (boo-hoo, Johnny Boy.) Most laughable about the whole thing is John Dennis feeling the need to jump up and defend his 25 year-old from a rival sportscaster and his crude advances. Twenty-five? I hate to say it, but no wonder she is still single what with Daddy still threatening her sutors.

I usually give Dennis and Callahan a listen on the way into to work, unless they are way off topic or engage in a WWF-style way over the top screaming match, in which case the radio search is on for music in the morning between all the talk. Callahan is a better fit in the paper compared to the right-wing shouting nut he plays on the radio.

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God I love that first place team from New England. You know, the one owned by Robert Kraft? They have the genius coach, the stud young star of the league, and are a model for every other team to follow. Yeah, the New England Revolution kick ass!

Of course, I am not going to say that the general sporting population in New England does not watch soccer, but I am sure there a bunch of readers who open their Boston Globe sports page and see a picture of Taylor Twellman and think: Why is a picture of Jay Mohr in the paper today? Did they release a special-edition Jerry Maguire DVD?

But I digress. The Revs are exciting footy. Yes, I said footy like the Brits not soccer, as the Revs are exciting. They play fast-break soccer, which is what NASL tried to do in the seventies. They have more scoring, more opportunities, more jump-out-of-your-seat chances than anyone else I have seen playing on ESPN2.

Of course, more offense is usually thought to be what drives an audience, but that is not right. More action drives the audience. There can be action without scoring. Action needs competition and fast-pacing and they have a winner. The Revs are winners.

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