As those who know me are aware, I usually write the blog on my way home from work on the train, but today I had loaded up some pics of the kids on the laptop and spent the ride laughing at the antics of my little monkeys. Anyway, I get to write while flipping between the Sox and Pats and listening to Hakuna Matada.

* * *


This is an idea I came up with this morning, so bear with me if it truly stinks.

Good news: Shawn Chacon is finally starting to look like his old self.
Bad news: So is the Big Eunich.

Good news: Kevin Millar dyed his hair blond and hit two home runs.
Bad news: Curt Schilling dyes hair and gives up five runs to the Rays in first two innings.

Good news: Sox sweep the Rays.
Bad news: Sox had a 5.50 ERA in the four games.

Good news: Bethel Johnson off the PUP list and playing tonight.
Bad news: Now he has to make the team or else another recent high draft pick is off the team.

Good news: We are now twenty years removed from the most disgraceful game ever in Patriots history: Super Bowl XX.
Bad news: Click on the ad for the Super Bowl Shuffle DVD to see the horror that the Pats should have smacked down and made Buddy Ryan and Jim McMahon into regional footnotes in NFL history.

Good news: Sox game lasted less than 3 hours so I can get to bed early tonight.
Bad news: Pam Anderson Roast on Comedy Central!!!

* * *

All right, now I remember why I do not write late: I am old and get tired too easily these days. Sox win, Yankees lose, and all is right in the little world of the American League East.

* * *