Some thoughts on the Sox and Pats as I think up different ways to rub it in the face of Chazer while we are visiting this weekend that I knocked his sorry-ass fantasy baseball team (The Reigning Champions are the Raining Chumps) out of the playoffs (that I was subsequently erased by Timmy B. is irrelevant to the hazing planned for this weekend).



Not to toot my horn (OK, ONLY to toot my own horn), but I will point out that mere hours before the Sox game the other night I wrote:

Yes, the team is not hitting, but the bats have been there all year and will likely return soon. No worries on the bats, it is the arms that are in question right now.

Bingo. The Sox put up fifteen on the D-Rays.

Now, whether that resurgence will continue with Scott Kazmir on the mound is up for debate, but I will say that if Manny gets on one of those Look-out world, here comes Mr. Manny rolls that we have been waiting for all season long, then all bets are off and the final three games against the Yankees will be just for setting the rotation for the ALDS.

* * *


Speaking of the Yankees series, lost in the shuffle of the Yankees storming back into contention is the question of what do the Sox do if they have clinched the division or a wild card spot by the time they play the Yankees in the last three games of the season. Although the Yankees have wreaked through the dregs of the American league into a virtual tie with the Sox, there is nothing to say that they will not cool off as quickly as they heated up (see Oakland, Athletics, extended winning streak to get back in contention and subsequent .500 play since).

If the Sox have clinched the division, I think you will see, regardless of what the fans may want to see, Frnacona will likely run out the AAA squad and try to determine the final roster spots for the playoffs. No starter will go longer than five innings and maybe we will get a chance to see Jeremi Gonzalez pick-up another start. Yippee. Once the division, or even a wild card spot, is clinched, the Sox are wise to rest as many players as possible to get their niggling injuries cleared up before the ALDS starts.

Of course, if the Yankees have a chance to win the division, I have no doubt that Regular Joe Torre will have his Sons of Sheffield whipped up into a veritable tizzy and attack the field in a whirling dervish of pinstriped players pushing to keep their manager. If the Yankess do not make the playoffs, expect Regular Joe and his sidekick Scotch and Soda Mel Stottlemeyer to be kicked to the curb so Torre can finish his days in baseball with dignity: managing the Devil Rays.

* * *