No? Oh well, some good games out there. Here is hoping for a classic, seven-game see-saw series last seen in 1991 with Minnesota against Atlanta. Maybe this is the year.

* * *


Congrats to Erik Love, of the Atlanta Falcons blog who was kind enough to interview me last week in prep of the Pats-Falcons battle-royale. Erik is celebrating his 5,000 hit, so some very public congrats to him and his site. If you missed the pre-game interview, check it out at his great Falcons-related site at: 2005/10/interview-with-sock.html One more thing, Erik: Pedro will miss six weeks with a shoulder injury next year and doom the Mets. You heard it from me first.

* * *


Is there anyone else nervous that the Sox have less than three weeks to tie up Theo Epstein before George Steinbrenner starts throwing millions of dollars at him to join the NY-TAMPA shuttle? (Typing that reminds me that NY-LON, on BBCAmerica, which I only saw one episode of but totally dragged me in, was listed to be on last night and was instead replaced by the hideous Teen Angels program, which can be loosely described as fat, ugly, snaggle-toothed Brit teenagers acting badly. Wait, what is my page count from the UK? Is it below the Netherlands? OK, we can keep that in there).

Anyway, the very real possibility exists that young Theo will walk on Halloween night. The only GM to lead the Sox to a World Series victory could walk out the door and be gone. Then what? Larry Lucchino in a more active role? Josh Towers promoted to GM? Brian Cashman coming over from the Yankees? The possibilities present a frightening thought.

The good news is that the Sox Triumvirate should be able to keep Theo around with more money and more say-so. It is not likely he will leave, but it is definitely a possibility to prepare for in the coming weeks.

* * *


Forget the return of hockey on NESN, what about Ms Hazel Mae? A recent interview on-line with Mae by John Malori on his Media Blitz column (you can find it on the great site put together by Bruce Allen, who I thank for helping further the push for recognition for two of my favorite local writers: Mike Reiss and Chad Finn, at was very interesting. Hazel Mae is apparently well aware of her affect on the half-naked men watching her each morning on NESN. Good for her, I say. She does a good job on SportsDesk, and at least (as far as we know) she is not snogging with Derek Lowe which is a lot more than can be said for some major media female sports anchors.

* * *


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