Brigstah in da House!

Ed. Note: Please welcome the one & only, oft-imitated and never duplicated, Chris Brigham, the first feature writer EVER at Brigs has accepted my invitation to come on board as Footy Senior Writer and Head Columnist. As a grad student, he is used to be worked like a dog and having the credit go to someone else, so this must be a perfect fit!

Adieu Adu

It is safe to say, we have seen the last of Freddy Adu as a teen phenom icon in the MLS. His absolutely selfish rantings of late put him in the same category with most NBA stars, although without the bloated contract. I also stand by my belief that the sports media should not interview under-21 year olds in the collegiate or professional sports world. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Adu, getting limited playing time because he is..well..16 YEARS OLD, decided to complain to anyone who would listen about lack of playing time and how that hurts his chance to be seen for Bruce Arena's World Cup squad. Peter Nowak and the boys did the right thing in suspending him for such selfish comments. So much for the team mentality. Now, Adu really wants to go overseas and play for a major European Champions contender, but complicated rules will unfortunately keep him stateside until he's 18. Maybe by then, he'll have grown up a bit. Unlikely.

- Christopher J. Brigham, Footy Senior Writer & Head Columnist