First and foremost, happy birthday to Hal the fourth on his fourth birthday. My bouncing baby boy is four today, believe it or not. It seems like there is no way it could have been that long since he came into our lives, so wish the little monkey happy birthday. Hal, my son, I love you and thank you for making your mother & I so proud, so happy, and making us feel so special to have you in our life. Now break out the Rally Weasel Dance so the Sox get some good luck! (To make a long story short for those who do not know it, last year in the playoffs against the Angels, I decided we needed a good luck charm to counter-act the obnoxious Rally Monkey in Anaheim. I figured a weasel would eat a monkey, so I told Hal he was the rally weasel. He immediately started running around in circles and shouting: RALLY WEASEL, RALLY WEASEL! Suffice to say, the Rally Weasel was dragged out of bed against the Yankees a few times to get a little extra good luck in the ALCS after the Rally Monkey was devoured. See, sports brings families together.)

* * *



I had the opportunity the other night to take part in an interview with a fellow blogger (and fellow Yankees Hater) Erik Love from Falcons Daily (check it out here: http://falconsdailydouble.blogspot.com/2005/10/interview-with-sock.html). Since he was interviewing me for his blog, I decided to take advantage of his vast knowledge of the Falcons to get a little info prior to the Super Bowl XL preview Sunday. Here are some highlights:

BostonSportPage: If by some miracle Vick is not playing, or someone in New England channels the spirit of Tedy Bruschi & knocks Vick out, what's the deal with this Schaub kid? Is he Doug Johnson Jr or can he play?
Erik: A Matt Schaub Question. Wow, thats a first. He can play, but he has never played well before. I wrote on my blog that his career numbers are this: He Completed 33 of 70 passes for 330 yards with one touchdown and four interceptions. Those aren't pretty. The Pats would eat the kid alive.

BostonSportPage: How come we never hear about Justin Griffith, the FB? I was watching last weeks Falcons game on NFL on-demand and on all the big run plays he was DESTROYING linebackers and tossing around secondary guys. Where the heck did this guy come from? Does anyone appreciate him?
Erik: EVERYBODY APPRECIATES HIM. He was voted the best (blocker) in football, everybody always talks about him. He can catch and run. He is a monster. I think he was a 5th round draft pick. He is the best in the game, but he is a fullback, so what do you expect?

BostonSportPage: Hey, how is Chad Lavalais doing for you guys? He was kicking ass back in college at LSU & I wanted the Pats to get him back in 04.
Erik: Lava Lava has been great. He has about 2 sacks and is making plays. He has been great. I love the Guy.
BostonSportPage: You got him late, like third round, right?
Erik: 5th Round. This is the longest I have gone without hearing Hows Mike Vick!!! Good Job.

BostonSportPage: Since I have Michael Jenkins riding the pine on my fantasy team, when is he going to start catching the ball? All I hear is Finneran this and that from Brigs who is a tall, gangly, white, Villanova alum like Finneran. I really thought Jenkins would be having a huge breakout season
Erik: Jenkins has dropped some bombs and Vick has lost confidence in him
BostonSportPage: Damned Ohio State guys...
Erik: But he is averaging 18 yards per catch, so you have to think he'll get the ball soon enough. And Dez will start so Jenkins will get the ball now because Vick HATES Dez.
BostonSportPage: Is Roddy White dead or something? Does he even get on the field?
Erik: Roddys alive. He just doesn't get alot of snaps. He's caught his first 2 passes last week and was open downfield but Schaub missed him. Dez can block so he plays. Brian Finneran is Mr. 3rd Down.
BostonSportPage: Like Troy Brown for the Pats
Erik: Yea, he was injured. He is now picking his game up. Sunday might be his breakout game. Finn is slow, but big, so he moves the chains and gets TD.
Erik: You Gettin Crunk!!!

By this point, as you can guess if a pasty-white Yuppie like me gets accused of gettin crunk, it was well past my bedtime and the interview devolved into Keith Foulke, Mike Piazza, Pedro Martinez memories, and the mysteries that surround Matt Clement.

Thanks again, Erik, I had a great time and look forward to doing it again before Super Bowl XL.

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The memories are still too painful. May the baseball gods absolve all sin this week-end. Once the Sox season ends, I can finally start getting ready for the big roster deconstruction and start guessing who goes where for whom and will he be here or there next year.

* * *


I promised them, I know. Look for them tomorrow. My cold streak on picks ended after twenty years in 2001 and I am still hot (that comes from picking the Pats to win the Super Bowl every year since I was eight).

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