Great win by the Patriots over Atlanta on Sunday. It was a big game against a quality NFC team and we saw a big-time performance by the Patriots offense. Time for a few quick hits/observations:

* Yeah, Tom Brady is just a game manager. He cannot throw the deep pass. Oh yeah, and he is lucky. Whatever.

* I am sure the Falcons fans are all stammering about woulda coulda shoulda if Michael Vick played, but it is time for realistic thoughts: the Patriots had fourteen injured players and the opponent gets a mulligan because of one injury? I do not think so.

* Nice to see the tight ends contribute at last. Of course, the pre-season debate has been resolved at last: What is the difference between Christian Fauria and Jed Weaver? NOTHING.

* Roosevelt Colvin had a sack? Here I was thinking he was released and no one made an announcement. Does anyone know if there is anyway we can get his money off the cap in the near future?

* Denver, a bye week, and then all six divisional games with Indy, New Orleans, and a few more creampuffs tossed in there. Yes, 12 or 13 wins is looking realistic again.

* Welcome back, Bethel. Good to see the long pass to him back in the playbook. Just the treat of him going deep is going to help Corey Dillon so much.

* Speaking of Dillon, I think, barring the leg injury, he looked like the Dillon of old.

* Wow, is the Atlanta O-Line that good or was the Patriots pass rush that bad?

* Where do I send the Get Well VERY VERY VERY Soon cards to Randall Gay and Ty Poole?

* Do you know what the one thing missing from this Patriots team? The big play maker on defense, as a few picks or fumble recoveries at the right time would have finished off the Falcons. Those plays were there the past two seasons, but the Patriots have not found or had the right players to make those big plays this season.

* * *


* Hung-over Jets fans still toasting Vinnie this morning, no doubt. Mediocrity never tasted so good. The Jets can feel secure knowing that they ran Belichick out of town by not having the canastas to make him coach when they tried to steal the Tuna, and that they also ran Pistol Pete Carroll out of town before his time as well. Way to go! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!

* It was a nice weekend to have the dynamic duo of the desert: Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin on my fantasy team. Maybe I should trade them both while they are hot.

* Redskins Magic, Go Hogs Go! Umm, forget it already.

* Bledsoe to Glenn. I still do not believe it. I think Buffalo fans would give a lifetime supply of wings to anyone who can figure out a way to get Bledsoe or Flutie back before their defense stagnates like the Ravens defense has in the past couple of years. Yes, that window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

* Remember when Bills-Dolphins was THE big game. No, I do not miss it. Marino, Kelly, Thurman Thomas, ugh.

* Eli Manning or Philip Rivers: No, not such a tough choice anymore is it?

* Cowboys over the Eagles, my upset special in my picks league and pick pool (and would have been on the site as the upset special if I had written more and done less household maintenance.)

* It was a good weekend to have Shawn Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck on my fantasy team.

* * *


* USC = 3 in a row. They play like men among children out there.

* Longhorns, baby! Oh yeah! Of course, let me also banter on about how I went to the Longhorn Steakhouse chain on a Saturday night when the Longhorns were playing and neither was the game one nor did I get a discount for wearing my Longhorns cap. Something is wrong there.

* Entertaining win by BC. It was closer than it should have been, but a good game all the less.

* What is the Big East nowadays? How about: The basketball conference. Or: Enjoying that automatic BCS berth while we have it in football because it will not be there much longer.

* You think there are four or five owners in the NFL wondering why Charlie Weiss was not offered an NFL head-coaching squad.

* * *


* Once the wounds heal, we will recap the season, find out what went right, what went wrong, and start planning for the hot-stove league.

* * *


* My Fair Brady on VH1: An entertaining train wreck.

* Who do I complain to at HBO about their late night offerings? Am I going to have to go back to Skinemax?

* Yes, Wallace and Gromit was funny and entertaining and even snuck in some adult humor that would not upset the kiddos. Great job by the Brits once again.

* Thank goodness the Surreal Life 5 or whatever the Janice Dickinson/Jose Canseco/Balki/Omarosa season was called is over. That Omarosa is unbearable to watch; Someone shoot me if I ever turn into that.

* * *