Waiting, as in waiting for a resolution to the Theo Epstein contract negotiation saga and the beginning of the hot-stove league; waiting, as in waiting for Roy Oswalt to step-up and kick this world series into another gear as it needs some wins from Houston to get to a six or seven game series; waiting, as in waiting for a Bruins team to emerge and start playing something resembling interesting and inspired hockey; waiting, as in waiting for Sunday night when the Patriots can shake off some injuries and get back to doing what they do best: beat up on division foes; and waiting, as in waiting for the Celtics season to kick-off, as this Green team is young, dynamic, and (believe it or not all you who suffered through the O’Brien era) entertaining.

* * *



A little shout-out to the largest afro this side of Oscar Gamble, my favorite early 80s Houston Astro, Enos Cabell. Now down to business. Fox executives no doubt were harassing Bud Selig and begging him to do anything in his power to make certain that the White Sox do not sweep the Astros. Fox needs the World Series to go seven games to recoup the money they would lose compared to last year when they got great ratings, but only for four games. People in Chicago do not like the White Sox, so how are we supposed to all of a sudden start rooting for that blowhard Ozzie Guillen and his Carl Everett led collection of pug-uglies.

I was kind of non-committal at first as far as who I wanted to win (quick note: Red Sox, and if they are not in the World Series I traditionally root for the National League team, as playing all those AL teams tend to skew me against them). Dan Shaughnessy of the Globe of course has to go out and write his proposition for a new book, I mean his Cursed is the White Sox like Nothing Seen Before column, which only further turned me off the notion of rooting for Chicago even more. Sure, I have little love for the Astros considering they have Roger the Dodger Codger and Andy, why did I not pick him up off waivers in April in fantasy baseball, Pettite. But I have always liked Craig Biggio and his style of play, as well as Jeff Bagwell for making himself into the great power hitter he became.

But I think back to the early eighties, where my love of baseball blossomed, and remember Terry Puhl, Art Howe, Enos Cabell, Jose Cruz, Joe Sambito, Joe Niekro, and the rest of those great Astro teams in their rainbow colored uniforms and think that this team, rather than the Carlton Fisk and Harold Baines led White Sox teams of the early eighties is the franchise I like the most. Sorry, Ron Kittle, Greg Luzinski, LaMar Hoyt, and Richard Dotson, my heart goes to the Astros.

Of course, as a side note, on an all-star team in Little League at about 1986 as I was twelve (I think I need Mike Mills to back me up on this one), due to budget constraints, the town somehow got their hands on some uniforms on the cheap that were remarkably similar to the Houston Astros rainbow-colored duds. I remember getting dressed up in that uniform and feeling like a major leaguer. Of course, it would have been nice if I had played like a major leaguer, having been relegated to second base due to lack of arm strength and possessing a quick, Wade Boggs-esque bat (i.e. no power, spraying singles around). How I made that team, I will never know. I think the coach was surprised I was there as I certainly seemed like an afterthought, barely playing more than a few innings in a mop-up role at second. Looking back on it, I was at a point in my development where my mind was ahead of my body, which was still not up to the level of the pituitary gland monsters that towered over me at that age. Fortunately, I had Ted Williams, or at least his Science of Hitting book, which certainly helped me compete. Without that and my Dad throwing thousands of batting practice pitches, I cannot imagine how I ever made it through Little League with any measure of success what-so-ever.

* * *



How about them Cowboys? Or, should I say, how about that Drew Bledsoe comeback? Of course, I was lamenting the fact that the Seahawks had no offense which rankled me to no end with Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck figuring prominently on my team. Nothing from Alexander and interceptions dragging down the points I should have had from Hass. With Seattle on a bye this week, I have to hope that my backup QB, Eli Manning, builds upon his fantastic finish against the choking Broncos.

What a loss by San Diego against Philly. Are we sure this is the same team that dominated the Pats just a few weeks ago? LaDainian Tomlinson held to seven yards (on seventeen attempts!) and losing the game on a blocked kick returned for a TD? That is painful!

Miami fails to show-up for Friday night, the Jets get humiliated on national TV Monday night, and the Bills get beat-up by the Raiders of all teams. The Raiders, king of the underachievers this season. All this, plus Washington putting up 52 on the 49ers. Granted, it was San Francisco, but I doubt the Redskins will score 52 total in their next three games.

* * *


Zzzzzzzzzzz. Huh? Rowing? Whatever. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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