Au Roy-voir

It's sad to see the demise of the Roy Keane-Man United relationship. Roy was officially and unceremoniously given his walking papers recently by Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. While there is no question that Keane is an abusive, volatile, arrogant hothead, we must also not deny that he was a phenomenal football player, bossing the midfield for Man U for 12 years. Right before United's match with Charlton Athletic, Keane visited with Ferguson to find out why he was not going to be offered a contract for the next part of his career. What occurred was a shouting match culminating with Keane being given immediate dismissal from Old Trafford (a place where I would LOVE to take in a game someday).

It is sad because Keane's numbers on the pitch were so stellar. He is a great player and, arguably, a solidifying force in the Manchester midfield. However, his temper and lack of decorum provides a circus-like atmosphere in the clubhouse. It's the same story with Terrell Owens, which is why I made the parallel last time I talked about Keane. Talented player shoots his mouth off one too many times, gets canned. Keane is allowed not to pursue a career and enter into a long-term deal with any club he chooses now that he's a free man. Where will he go? Who has the cash to splash for him? Who will put up with his big yap? I'm betting it will be either Arsenal or Chelsea since neither team seems to have any scruples at all. However, both teams are managed by what I call "adult babies" and almost certainly if rough seas hit with Roy Keane, we'll see the fireworks fly.

Wolves 3 - Derby 0

I'm going to focus for a bit on the Coca cola English Championship League. Why, because nobody else cares about it. Who has heard of The Wolverhampton Wanderers or the Derby Rams? Who even realizes that you pronounce "Derby" like "Darby?"

Wolves striker George Ndah made a storybook comeback as Wolves handed Derby their 13th of 14 non-win. This non-win was a big loss, as Derby looking to join the likes of Bristol Rovers and Hartlepool FC in the wicked-obscure League 1 next season. Back to Ndah. After sitting out the last two seasons with a career-threatening injury, Ndah came on as a sub and scored his first goal in a long while for Wolves, and it turned out to be all the help they would need. Former Derby am Tom Huddlestone also added a goal in the 80th minute and Vioran Ganea added the coup de grace in the 86th minute. It was a rough time for Derby supporters seeing Huddlestone in the orange Wolves uni. The youngster helped Derby reach the playoff semis last year. A scrappy first half gave way to a goal scoring festival for Wolves when Glen Hoddle substituted the largely ineffective Seol Ki-Hyeon for the comeback George Ndeh. The theme of the day was definitely comeback and win for Wolves and pathetic record for the Rams.


Hal, there's only one player I dislike more than wonderchump Landon Donovan, and that's his teammate and homey Kobe Jones. Jeff Agoos of the Metrostars would be in there, but he's too insignificant to have any strong feelings towards.