Glad to see the riveting Theo Epstein-John Henry press conference was full of oh-so-insightful information. This can be wrapped up pretty quickly: bring in Paul DePodesta or Kevin Towers or promote Ben Cherington or whatever the plan works out to be, but just do it quickly and let this nonsense fade. Theo was great, but now he is gone. I think the major problem with Red Sox fans is that they do not know how to let go. Pedro? Forget about him. Johnny Damon? Who cares? Nomar who? People here cannot let go of the painful past or even 2004 (Had the team adopted a Bill Belichick like attitude they may have cut down on distractions and unrealistic expectations. Instead, you had the team still thinking about the year before). There is a new season, with new players, new management, new optimism and enthusiasm. Embrace change. Embrace the excitement of the unknown. Get over the coulda-beens and shoulda-beens of the past.

* * *


Hey, the Celtics season kicks off tonight! Hooray! Uh, muted enthusiasm. Um, no mention on the scream and shout about the Sox radio network. Here is a team that is young, talented, athletic, and most importantly, they look like they will be entertaining. A few veterans (and even they are young veterans) and a solid GM with a plan and a coach willing to execute it make for a season where optimism overflows. Time to play the IF game:

IF Paul Pierce continues his good spirits, ball movement, and aggressive moves to the hoops, the team has a legitimate star to build around rather than a moping, childish lout.

IF Ricky Davis continues his jaw-dropping transformation into a role model for younger players and becoming the legitimate #2 scoring option he has always had the potential to be there is no need to bring in veteran junk like Gary Payton and Antoine Walker again.

IF Raef LaFrentz stays healthy and strong, he can put up 15-10 numbers on a nightly basis and be that third option on offense so desperately needed.

IF Mark Blount continues to rediscover the Mark Blount of 2003-2004 rather than the over-weight, disinterested 2004-2005 version, then the Celtics have a legitimate starting center.

IF Delonte West stays healthy for 75+ games the Celtics have a sparkplug point guard who knows how to run the floor, dictate the tempo, distribute the ball and even make a few jump shots every once in a while.

IF Al Jefferson gets healthy and continues his growth and maturation, the Celtics may have the sixth man of the year on their roster.

IF Kendrick Perkins learns a few offensive moves and learns how to avoid a few whistles on the defensive end the Celtics may have their big guy in the middle for the future.

IF Orien Greene continues his impressive and fearless play at back-up point guard, the Celtics have the steal of the draft.

IF Ryan Gomes develops into a solid scorer off the bench for the second unit, the Celtics will have two solid contributors from this year’s draft.

IF Brian Scalabrine grew his hair out like Big Bill Walton in the mid-seventies, that would be pretty sweet. Oh, umm, if he does anything at all to contribute, he exceeds expectations. Seriously, if he hits a few three-pointers and keeps hustling, Scalabrine officially replaces Walter McCarty on the Tommy Heinsohn love-fest.

IF Justin Reed plays half as well as he did in the pre-season, the Celtics have a second-team defensive stopper who can score a little.

IF Gerald Green gets playing time in the developmental league, the future inches closer for the next Green star for the Green.

IF I forgot anyone, they must not be too important (Marcus Banks! Whoops.).

Well, I will be one of the few watching the Green tonight: ok, maybe the only one. But in three years when they raise banner number seventeen, I will have the satisfaction of knowing I hung in there through these lean rebuilding days.

* * *