One down...

Well, so much for Young Theo pulling off a Rocky and making it in Philly. Yes, no cheezsteaks for Theo (Brigs will have to give you the cheesesteak report as he spent four years cruising and bruising in Philly while at Nova), as Pat Gillick has just been announced as the new General Manager for the Phanatical Phillies.

Now, no one can argue the hiring of Gillick, who only built the early nineties juggernaut in Toronto, rebuilt Baltimore in the late nineties into a contender again, and then dumped the Big Unit, Ken Griffey Jr., and A-Rod while in Seattle - improving the team substantially with each departure.

So one more destination to cross off for Theo; one more GM candidate to cross off for the Red Sox. Like they say, this is looking to be a situation where both sides lose (unless, this is a situation not unlike Oakland where manager Ken Macha resigned at the end of this season when a deal could not be worked out, and then a week later reconsidered and came aboard. To dream the impossible dream!).

* * *