The Revolution will not be televised

Well, maybe the Revs are on cable. The New England Revolution looked to extend their season Saturday night at Gillette stadium in the snowy mess that was New England weather. Their opposition: those hated guys from New York...or New Jersey...or both. The Metrostars were in town to finish off with a win or a draw to win the aggregate. First blood went to NY/NJ, as 70-year old Frenchman and former Blackburn Rover Yourii Djorkaeff bent a goal past the New England pipes. With the aggregate at 2-0 in favor of the bad guys, I figured we were looking at another Revolution choke-n-fold. However, the Revs have been a second half team all year, and they shot three goals past the 71-year old Tony Meola to win the aggregate 3-2. Goals from Jose Cancela, Khano Smith and Pat Noonan provided the spark to send the Revolution to the next playoff round.

* * *


No, I'm not acronym-ing something rude. I'm just wondering why MLS insists on referring to their Dallas club as "FC Dallas." FC, as all followers of EPL football know, means "football club" (speaking of which, I saw a kid with a Fulham Cottagers hat on the T this weekend, what's up with that?). Last I checked, we in the good ol' US of A referred to it as "soccer." My question becomes, who are the MLS trying to fool with "FC Dallas" and "Real Salt Lake." There's only one "football" in Dallas, and it's got Jerry Jones' money and Parcells' sweat all over it.

Next week, I may actually talk about European football.

* * *

- Christopher J. Brigham, Footy Senior Writer & Head Columnist