Just end the madness. I no longer want to hear the same story debated endlessly over and over and over and over and over again on WEEI. Can we move on? Someone tell Larry to just hire Jim Bowden and move on (and Trader Jim, when you get the job as GM in Boston, definately make the first move and trade Trot Nixon and a few non-prospects to Cincy for Wily Mo Pena and park him in right field for the next ten years). Is that what it is going to take? Just move on, the sooner the better, and let the Theo talk die down for a while.

* * *



Sorry to beat a dead horse, but there are two stats that tells the whole story (since some people may complain I did not back up my argument yesterday with enough stats): In late innings of close games with runners in scoring position, which is only the most clutch situation there can be, David Ortiz batted .313; A-Rod hit a whopping .176. In clutch situations (FYI, all these stats are courtesy of STATS, Inc) Ortiz led all of baseball with 33 RBIs; A-Rod tied for 66th with only 12.

End of story, case closed, and thank you Jim Henneman Mel Antonen, Ken Davidoff, John Delcos, Carter Gaddis, Larry Millson, Mark Gonzales, Paul Hoynes, Andy Call, Jeffrey Flanagan, Bob Dutton, Joe Haakenson, Susan Slusser, Josh Suchon, John Hickey, and T.R. Sullivan for providing Big Papi with that extra motivation for 2006. Kansas City (well, in their defense everyone looks like an MVP against that pitching staff), Cleveland, New York, Baltimore (what, that gigantic home run in August against BJ Ryan had no impact on them?), and Oakland had best be on special alert next season as both writers from those locales picked A-Rod over Ortiz, so do not be surprised to see Papi bring a little extra-extra against those chumps.

* * *



No, I am not ignoring the failures of the Revs on Sunday. I am just still smarting from having to watch that smarmy bastard Landon Donovan jumping like glee around the pitch after the final whistle. Too bad the Revs ran out of gas at the end of the season, as they were so good for so much of the year. At least they still have a chance to come back in March and play in the 06 CONCACAF Champions Cup and kick some Costa Rica ass.

* * *



Once more this young season the Celtics tip-off against the mighty Detroit Pistons, who are simply the New England Patriots of the NBA. The Celtics should have been the first team to beat the Pistons this season, as they had the game won for the first 59 minutes and 59.2 seconds at the Garden on the 4th of November. I would love to think the Green could go into the Palace and whip the Pistons butts, but somehow I just see the Celtics a year or two away from doing that on a regular basis. Of course, there are plenty of ifs that could swing it to the Celts.

IF Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson, Delonte West and Kendrick Perkins step it up, the Baby Celtics can win anygame, anywhere, anytime.

IF both Ricky Davis and Paul Pierce are hot, no one can stop this team for any one night.

IF Raef LaFrentz throws in seven three-pointers and 32 points, it bodes well for victory.

IF Mark Blount pulls down double-digit rebounds, I might pass out from disbelief.

IF Tommy Heinsohn's head exploded while he screamed about something during the game, I bet he would not skip a beat and keep talking.

IF someone puts superglue on Rip Hamilton's face shield and he spends the entire game in the lockeroom with an industrial size bottle of nail-polish remover, the Celtics suddenly become favorites.

* * *



How many more players can they lose? Word is that Dan Koppen could be done for the season with a shoulder separation. Losing a center is no small matter: it is akin to losing a left tackle (whoops, already lost him) or your inside linebacker(s) on defense. This is the heart and soul, the guts, the brains of the line in most cases. Centers make the calls and Koppen, who stepped in two games into his rookie season, has been a rock for the Pats. Of course, most teams do not have a reserve who has started in the Super Bowl to take over. Russ Hochstein is an OK guard, but can he hold up for the second half of the season? I guess that like with Michael Stone at strong safety, Ellis Hobbs at starting cornerback, Hank Poteat at nickleback, et al it is a matter of just showing up and playing your role one play, one series, one quarter, one half, one game at a time.


Tom Brady has four fourth quarter game-winning drives already this season. The amazing part? In those four drives he is 20-20 passing. That is clutch!

Speaking of all non-A-Rod things, I mean clutch, Adam Vinatierri has not missed a field goal attempt in the fourth quarter since December 2002.

* * *



Do they still play hockey in Boston? Did the lock-out end and no one mention it to me? Amazing what a slow start does to a team competing for lines with Theo-gate for the Red Sox and the writers drooling all over themselves in an attempt to call for the end of the Belichick Dynasty in New England.

* * *