The Waiting is the Hardest Part

When will I get my Sunday afternoons back? Sunday night last week, a bye the week before, and this week it is a Monday night game against the mighty Colts. I am not even mentioning the 4:15 games. Of course, looking back, it seems silly to complain about this as when I was younger, I remember the black-outs for the home games on Sundays and lamenting that the Patriots were never on Monday Night Football.

* * *



Do you think Peyton Manning will wear a reverse the curse shirt under his jersey this week? All the Colts need is to lose one more time and then have Dan Shaughnessy write a Colts are Cursed article Tuesday morning. Of course, the Colts have suffered from the curse of bad coaching. The problem has been an unwillingness to stick to the running game and a case of the Patriots defense being in the right place at the right time.

Another advantage that has not been alluded to enough is that Romeo Oh Romeo Crennel and his lowly Cleveland Browns completely shut down the vaunted Colts offense earlier this year. Of course, the cupboard is completely bare on offense in Cleveland, so they still lost. But try to tell me Coach Bill did not have a few conversations with Romeo and has the game film on continuous loop. Further proof that good coaching on defense will beat razzle-dazzle on offense.

Of course, the legions of Colts fans will protest that this season the Colts play defense and run the ball. I will counter that it is easy to run the ball and look good on defense against teams with offenses three levels below anemic. Cleveland? Texas? Baltimore? San Francisco? This is like playing against the Korean War Veterans! Of course they would run the ball and get great defensive stats.

The key to the game for the Colts is if the always overrated Herm Clone Tony Dungy can match wits with Bill Belichick. (Hey, has anyone ever seen Herm Edwards and Tony Dungy together? And if so, is there any evidence that Dungy was not being played by a robot?)

* * *


Here is my list of things I am done listening to and talking about:

Patriots: The Colts record against the Pats, like the five or ten remaining players on each team are influence by games back in 2002.

Red Sox: Theo (duh!). Also, I must add the whining players who need to blab their opinions about the state of the team without Theo. Note to MLB: 95% of all free agents go to the team that offers the most years and money. Period. Mickey Mouse could be the damned GM for all they and their agents care.

Celtics: The whole Paul Pierce Maturity Issue. Give me a break. Paul Pierce is no different than 90% of the NBA: he needs a solid kick in his ass every now and then. Since these pituitary freaks have been treated like they shit silver and gold since they were teenagers, they tend to need a little time to get used a coach who is not a lapdog (especially if they have been brought up with kowtowing coaches). Pierce is finally growing up a little bit: back off and let Doc keep him working.

Bruins: Injuries. The Patriots have them: life moves on. No excuses for the Big Bad Bruins who need more games like Thursday night where they just shut up, put up, and put up a win. Be like the Patriots! That is a lesson the Red Sox can latch onto as well.

Revolution: Nothing comes to mind since NO ONE covers them! One or two articles a week in the Globe and Herald; forget about the News or Sports shows. Some major media outlet in the city needs to say something about them sometime!

* * *