Nothing like a snowy mess in New England on the first day back from a long, holiday weekend. Shoveling slush at 6:15AM and pulling muscles I had no idea existed in my back is surely the way to kick off the new year.

* * *


I resolve to try to refrain from swearing at the television during football games:
It is same resolution every year, but it so difficult when the idiot announcer doing the Patriots - Dolphins game refers to Bill Belichick as Bill Cowher sixteen times! I mean, one has the chin of Prometheus and the Dave Wannestadt approved Lip Hampster of Indecision on his face, and the other is the greatest football coach in the modern NFL. How hard is it to confuse the two? New Years Day and I blew this resolution already!

I resolve to no longer throw objects at the television:
See, this resolution is tough to break, because as a kid watching TV I would try to catch the penalties during the action and I would throw an old dish towel when I saw a penalty against my beloved Ron Meyer led Patriots.

I resolve to refrain from punching morons on the train who talk loudly about sports and have no idea what they are talking about at all:
See, I write this blog, so that automatically makes me a freaking genius. That, and I get my ass handed to me in fantasy sports on a regular basis. Oh yeah, my wife hustles me at poker as well.

I resolve to defend Larry Lucchino from the Theo-is-God crowds who have forgotten 2004 and need an excuse to return misery to their sad lives.
Nuff said!

I resolve to be in a good mood the next day when I wake up no matter how the Patriots, Celtics or Red Sox perform the previous evening:
This is one is easy to keep, if only because I put in the qualifier when I wake up. After I am awake, I can remember all the hideous details and get pissed off again.

I resolve to read the Sports Guy at and not mutter about what a west coast, pop icon sell-out he has become:
If only because I, like every sports blogger, wants nothing more than the same ESPN Page 2 contract that the Formerly Known as the Boston Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, worked his ass off to get.

I resolve to eat healthy and exercise while watching sports on television:

Yeah, right. That will be the day.

I resolve to increase the number of articles posted on this site, publicly thank Big Brigs for squeezing footy articles into his incredibly demanding schedule, thank my gorgeous webmaster wife, and give a little extra love to the kids:
Happy New Year, all!

* * *