Now, I realize that Dennis & Callahan have a lot of time to kill on their drive-time program, but on a night when Ricky Davis had a superb performance and Tim Thomas made the highlight reel save of the year in the net for the Bruins, D&C could only find time to continue to pretend they know how Larry Lucchino and Theo Epstein think, babble on endlessly about 24, the television show that has nothing to do with sports and still cannot lure me in (Kiefer Sutherland? Really, who cares), and then go back to the endless Lucchino bashing. God help me, I cannot stand another couple months of this torture!

I believe! The Celtics and Bruins do exist! I have seen them and they are real!

* * *


My gosh, a revival by the Bruins. Tim Thomas is 3-0-2 this season with a GAA under 2.00. Hannu Toivonen will be healthy soon. Andrew Raycroft is a talented young goalie who is suffering from a loss of confidence brought on by injuries, bad defense, and bad luck. He should bounce back soon. The team could not be as bad as they looked earlier this season. Of course, the hot streak could be another case of right teams at the right time, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the strong defense and opportunistic offense shown by the suddenly mighty Bruins.

Of course, the highlight last night was Tim Thomas standing on his head in the third period and willing the team to a win. The save he made after Alexander Ovechkin banged one off the post was the best save I have seen this season: full extension dive to his left after spinning around to make a save that no NHL goalie had any right to make. It flat-out saved the game, and hey, who knows, maybe the season. I may be watching because there is nothing else on as far as local sports, but dammit as long as they stay entertaining and win a few at least I can say I am watching again.

* * *


Ahh, if only the Celtics could play against New Orleans/Oklahoma City every night. The good news was that Raef LaFrentz was on fire last night. When LaFrentz is a viable third scorer on the court with Paul Pierce and Ricky Davis. I would love to see the Celtics run off five or six wins in a row, although I doubt that they will.

Otherwise, the Mark Blount trade watch continues. Of course, with the trading deadline a month away, this could/should drag out until the deadline as Danny Ainge trolls the waters for the a team desperate for a big man. Of course, desperate is the word, as Tony Battie, who is actually better than Blount, is likely available for a lot less with a lot less money to pay over the next few years. I say, trade him for anything that breathes, but then again, I have been saying that for years.

* * *