On a day when the Boston Globe either could not think of anything Red Sox related to report in their so-called Sports Plus section, the big news was the green. Fan favorite Ricky Davis continued the Bent Family-Celtics curse by becoming the third straight favorite player of my kids to hit the road. From Antoine Walker, to Jiri Welsh, to Marcus Banks and Ricky, the minute I hear Hal or Emma comment during a game that ____ is my favorite player on the Celtics, I am going to send a telegram to that player and wish them well on their travels to a new team.

* * *

I must say that my initial reaction to the trade this morning cannot be repeated as it was a bit colorful and all I can say is that thank goodness the kids were still asleep. Once I settled down to the prospect of Ricky Davis being traded, I remembered that Wally Szczerbiak is a pretty damn good player. Not great, but someone who could be a good fit for Paul Pierce. Listening to Danny Ainge on D&C this AM and thinking about it throughout the day, the reasons for the trade make sense. I can come up with ten valid reasons to make the deal. Here is how I see the rationale for the big trade:

1. Oh my God, the Celtics owed Mark Blount how much more money for no effort? I guess he learned a lot from Vin Baker in the University of Hartford’s second greatest basketball player’s tenure in Boston. (Greatest UHartford b-baller ever? Why Bill Chace aka Chazer, the greatest pick-up basketball point guard ever!)

2. Doc Rivers was actually pretty lucky so far, but how much more time was going to pass until Ricky Davis dropped his shorts at mid-court and Tommy Heinsohn and Red Auerbach keeled over dead from embarrassment?

3. That out of control play on both ends of the court in the final minutes by Ricky must really hurt the Celtics chances of winning those close games.

4. Wally Szczerbiak can stretch the floor (like Raef LaFrentz was supposed to do) and give Paul Pierce room to get his shot without having to try so hard to make his shot.

5. The time has come to play Big Al and Perk until their tongues are hanging out or they foul out.

6. Kevin McHale owed Danny Ainge a favor from way back, so he took Marcus Banks off his hands.

7. Justin Reed had one good game in almost two seasons. I wonder why he was so expendable.

8. Everyone in Boston will love Wally. Just look at Wally the Green Monster. He went from an embarrassment to a marketing icon. Forget Rem-Dawg and his good luck Wally, my kids already worship at the Wally Altar and, if I let them, would have the house packed with Wally paraphernalia.

9. My kids love the original Willy Wonka movie (heck, they loved the new Charlie & the Chocolate Factory as well), so having the Kandi Man on the roster will be a big hit (so since the Candy Man was just throwing candy to the kids during the song and dance sequence, why did stupid Charlie just stand outside? Was there an all you can eat buffet for 2 pounds going on at the time? Why do I think of this stuff anyway?).

10. Wally Szczerbiak can hit free throws, and if anyone on the team could hit free throws, then the team would have about five more wins.
Bonus: Tony Allen and Ryan Gomes, come on down! Playing time is here at last!

* * *