Yes, I admit, the race was on both Saturday (the minor-league race) and the big one on Sunday in the Bent household. Of course, all the blame falls on my teenage nephew Andrew who was over for the weekend and, considering the abuse, lack of privacy, and constant annoyance he good-naturedly takes from my two little monkeys, how could I deny him such an escape?

Of course, other than the crashes, I was about as excited to watch as I was when he put Olympic curling on earlier that morning (sure, as a good uncle I made sure to kid my teenage cousin about the fact that the most exciting reason to watch curling was the two blond twins on the US female team). In fact, after his parents picked him up, I somehow failed to stay tuned to see who won the race. Sorry, I just cannot find the enthusiasm to watch the cars speeding along the track at 180 miles per hour.

OK, here is what threw me for a loop: Why do the guys racing on Sunday race on Saturday in the minor league circuit. Number one, they are taking money away from these guys that probably need it more than they do. Second, what about levels of competition? I mean, the Sox do not send their guys down to Pawtucket to wrap up the International League title, do they? Also, what is with the restrictor plates? Am I wrong, but is that like making LeBron James wear 5 lb ankle weights during a game so Tony Allen can guard him?

* * *


Yes, it is early to get into football talk, but the massive exodus out of the New York Jets complex certainly raises some eyebrows. Is Ty Law coming back to New England after his one year exile to the only team in the NFL that plays in a stadium named for a different NFL team? Sure, he says he wants to play in Miami, but does Miami have the cash or desire to cough up the dough to Law? Jason Fabini would be a great swingman backing up LT and RT on the offensive line. Back-up veteran QB if Doug Flutie retires? Jay Fiedler certainly is familiar with the AFC East. Sure the Patriots have pressing concerns signing their own free agents and restructuring and reworking contracts (more to come on that later, I promise), but these are intriguing possibilities courtesy of the hideous Jets.

* * *