Oh, Danny boy

The Celts, the Celts are losing. Thanks to a boneheaded trade sending Ricky Davis to Minnesota for Wally the Green Monster Sczerbiak and chump change. We would have still come out on the short end of the deal if had been Ricky Davis for the Sczerbiak, Olowokandi and the other no-name. It didn't improve the team any, and certainly made me want to avoid any Celts games for the next few years. Unlike Hal, I can see no silver lining to this one, much like overpaying for Travis Knight, Pervis Ellison, and other chumps over the years, it just doesn't make sense. This isn't like the Joe Thornton trade, where we all went, "Huh?", and then Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau turn out to give MAJOR dividends to the Black and Gold. I'd have taken Sturm for Thornton straight up.

Bottom line, if you want to watch the Celtics, don't go to Boston. Go to Glasgow, Scotland where the #1-in-the-Scottish Premier League Celtic are rolling with their latest big-time acquisition Roy Keane.

Tavarez - Not singing "More than a woman"

Another questionable move of the winter is the Sox pickup of relief pitcher and hothead Julian Tavarez. I'm seeing this work out as well as the Dinosaur man Carl Everett did. Wait until Tavarez is pitching and Manny is being Manny out in the field. I seriously think Tavarez will murder him. We'll be reading about it in the papers soon enough.

Fire Arsene Wenger

Finally, on to footy, what Hal pays me for. Oh, wait, I don't get paid. It's like grad school, except I get to talk about footy. I had the pleasure of watching Everton vs. Arsenal this week (okay, it was on TiVo for 10 days before I watched it, I'm a busy man). I don't understand how a team with as much talent as Arsenal can languish in 6th place in the EPL. Then I realized, Arsene Wenger is at the helm. You have the best offensive player in the game with Thierry Henry, and many other superstars like Robin van Persie, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, and Fransesc Fabregas, and Arsenal is not beating on Chelsea for the top spot in the league. Then I realized how poorly managed the team is with crybaby Wenger calling the shots. Arsenal were never in sync, and many of the players looked as if they were lost out there in Goodison Park. The only goal proved to be the decider, by James Beattie. If you have Beattie on the squad, who needs Marcus Bent (sorry, Hal. Let Bent shine in Portsmouth or Southampton). I'm impressed by Everton's 37-year old goalkeeper Nigel Martyn. The old guy can still move and make the spectacular saves as he did vs. a Fransesc Fabergas offering. Back to my message, Arsenal needs to dismiss Wenger. This team with so much talent is going nowhere in the premeirship.

Djibril Cisse watch

At the risk of sounding like a tabloid, I'd like to mention that inconsistent Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse was in the news again recently. It seemed that he was a person of interest after he assaulted his pregnant wife. The stupid thing about all this, is that all the police did about it was put him "on notice." Gee, I wonder why pro atheletes have the reputation that they do have.

-Christopher J. Brigham