Ok, so just how tough is Tom Brady? A sports hernia for the entire second half of the season? Sorry, but my butt would be on the sidelines slurping down Chunky Soup like Donovan McNabb was in the second half of the season if I had that injury. Yet Tom Brady continued to keep playing, and keep playing well despite the excruciating pain that comes with this injury. Forget how he got up after hit-after-hit, how the heck did he make some of those passes he made this season? Of course, the Patriots have not, nor will they likely acknowledge the injury and upcoming surgery, but what toughness and grit displayed by Brady. Also, it goes to underscore that while Carson Palmer, Shawn Alexander, and Peyton Manning get bandied about as MVPs and Players of the Year, Brady without doubt proved he is not only the most valuable player in the NFL, but also the strongest of will.

* * *


* Manny must have had one condition where he would report to spring training: bring in Enrique Wilson.

* Nice job by the Sox front-office getting Alex Gonzalez (No A-Gone, no A-Gonzo, no A-Gon nicknames please!) to agree to a non-guaranteed contract. The Alex not Joey Cora show may reappear yet.

* I forgot all about the Sox bringing in Willie Harris. He may be a good fit on the team.

* Remember, Adam Stern has to stick on the roster for the first month of the season per Rule 5 draft rules as his time on the DL apparently does not count. Once he hits that magic date he will likely get to play centerfield everyday for the PawSox.

* Anyone wanna place a bet on who wins more games in 2006: Curt Schilling or Randy Johnson. Schilling basically had a year off to rest up while the Big Eunich gets another year of wear and tear and another catcher to get used to again.

* Of course, the Yankees fans all believe Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano have twenty wins in them. I hate to break it to them (OK, I LOVE to break it to them) but that is combined and over the next two years.

* I think it most prudent to keep David Wells around as long as possible. His trade value only grows with each starting pitcher that lands on the disabled list.

* I still believe in Matt Clement. I can see him winning 16 games as the number four guy instead of dealing with the pressure as the pseudo-ace.

* * *