The excitement in mounting: just not in New England. Steelers versus the Seahawks, and I am as excited as I was back in 2002 (OK, January 2003) for the boring match-up between Tampa Bay and some other forgettable team from the AFC (was it Oakland in the Rich Gannon career year to end all career years?). What a snoozefest that match-up turned out to be. My main memory of that Super Bowl? I got my first digital camera that morning and my sister-in-law had her boyfriend over who spoke no English and she later found out had love for the gentlemen, not the ladies. As far as the game goes, I could care less then and barely remember it now.

* * *


Of course, like any good New England Patriots fan, I am wishing for a complete and total meltdown on Ford Field by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Anyone who has any recollection of the hideously annoying Steelers teams of the late seventies and early eighties who always had success while the red and white team with Pat Patriot on the helmet suffered heartache after heartache. Beyond that, I just hate the Steelers, especially their overly cocky attitude in 2004 when they ended the Patriots regular season winning streak and strutted around like peacocks. How sweet revenge was in the playoffs.

Of course, for me the Seahawks generate a bit of interest with a Harvard LB/Special Teams ace, a BC boy at QB, and Son of Mosi in the middle of the defense. More importantly for me, I have had Matt Hasselbeck and or Shaun Alexander on my fantasy team for the past four seasons. Not for any love the Pacific Northwest, but merely because Alexander scores tons of touchdowns, someone always snags Priest Holmes first (unless Rickles is picking Ricky Williams first overall), and Chazer even if he drafted Alexander, historically would trade him to me after one bad game. Hasselbeck was my diamond-in-the-rough pick early on and now I feel inclined to draft him because of his consistency (that and because with all locals in the league, someone grabs Brady in the first round).

That said, the rest of the team is faceless to me and Mike Holmgren did beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl back when the Tuna was busy negotiating his ticket to New York instead of game-planning to stop Desmond Howard on kickoff and punt returns.

Incredibly, the region has been so spoiled by the success of the Patriots that the Super Bowl is a mere game in New England. Sure, an excuse to throw a party, but for the most part the problem is dealing with the gnawing pain that comes from knowing New England should have beat Denver handily, would have crushed Pittsburgh at home, and would have spanked Seattle in Super Bowl 40 (if I hear one more talking head idiot call it Super Bowl Extra-Large I will beat them over their head with their microphone repeatedly and rip the voice-box from their throat).

* * *