Really I do not have much to add to all that has been said about the sleep-inducing Super Bowl and the nausea-inducing entertainment and commercials. Here is the main point: like the Patriots in 1996 when Jacksonville upset Denver, the Steelers caught a huge break when Denver upset New England. Had the Steelers had to go to Foxborough, you would hear so many mentions of three-peat that it would have made your head spin. But no hard feelings for the Steelers fans, they beat Indy and Denver on the road, so kudos to them. And watch out for the red, white, and blue next year.


The Super Bowl MVP was Matt Hasselbeck, but since the Seahawks defense gave up three big plays and the Seahawks could not figure out how to run the best offense west of Indianapolis, the team choked it up big time. Willie Parker had the huge run, Antwan Randle-El made the big pass, and Hines Ward made the huge catch. No, not on the Randle-El pass, but rather when he caught the 27 yard Hail Mary from Ben Roethlisberger on third and 18. Make no mistake about it, that was no great throw by Big Ben, it was a super effort by Hines Ward.

Ward, of course, will barely be remembered as the Super Bowl MVP (welcome to the club say Dexter Jackson and Larry Brown). Heck, I am surprised they did not just give it to Jerome Bettis as they had been trying to all week. I turned off the TV in disgust when on the post-game show they had Ward with the trophy and the Bus all but barreled him over to grab the microphone. Hines should have put down his kid and smacked Bettis on his fat, media-loving head for horning in on his moment.

* * *


Sorry, but the Stones were horrible. Maybe it was the broadcast mix, maybe they are nearing seventy, but the halftime show was just another excuse to flip to Fox to see what Simpsons episode they were playing. The pre-game show drove me into the kitchen to cook brautwurst. The post-game show was the continuing Jerome Bettis love-fest. In a word, pitiful.

* * *


I think the piling-on by the reviewers has been harsh enough, but I must say that some of those commercials were just down right stupid, insipid, uninspired and ignorant. Of course, they are commercials, so what the heck did I expect?

* * *