Nothing like a couple feet of snow to give me time to sit back and have a lazy Sunday at home watching sports. Oh wait, football is over and there is nothing on until the Pro Bowl. Skip that. Baseball is still a few weeks away right now. The Celics are, well, the Celtics. Detroit versus Miami? Not until the playoffs is there any reason to watch any of these NBA national games. The Bruins are on Olympic break now. Oh the Olympics. Yeah, nothing excites me more than a committee that keeps Curling in the Olympics ...but dumps baseball. Great plan.

* * *


Of course, what kind of February would it be without the obligatory shots of the moving trucks loading up the Red Sox gear and heading down 95 to Fort Myers, FL. I enjoyed the piece in the Boston Herald by Tony Maz about the Red Sox Starting Nine issues. What drives me nuts is the continued Keith Foulke bashing by the print and talk media. I get it. You do not like him because he is downright surly to you all and you are all riding high on his miserable 2005 season. Of course, surgery on both knees was not the problem. Oh no, he is a head-case. Forget the fact that next to Senor Octobre he was the Red Sox MVP in 2004, both the regular season and in the playoffs. Physical ailments be damned. He is unliked by the media, therefore he must be classified as having problems with his makeup.

I liked his other question: Will Johnny Damon be missed? Um, yeah, by the media. As far as the line-up, last time I checked Mr. Coco Crisp had comparable statistics to the former Rock Star. Or let me put it this way, Manny and Papi have no compunctions about who scores ahead of them. With Mark Loretta batting behind him, I see the Sox line-up as dangerous or more dangerous than the no-pitching Yankees.

It was nice to see someone else pick-up the Trot Nixon bashing (since my sister-in-law Jenn no doubt hates me for my continual Trot Bashing here on the site). Nixon was overpaid from day one. He has taken one decent season and turned it into millions of dollars. Rightfield should be a huge upgrade for the Red Sox in 2007 when one of the young outfielders takes over (Murphy or Moss, one will be ready by then!).

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