Just so we are all on the same page, let us review the facts before us:
1. Josh Beckett pitched a big old stinker against a team that won 90 games last season.
2. The team mysteriously does not score runs when Tim Wakefield pitches.
3. Josh Bard is having trouble catching the knuckleballer.
4. The Red Sox miss the bat, speed, and presence of Coco Crisp.
5. Lenny DiNardo may not be the answer as the number five starter until David Wells is healthy again.


Puh-leeze. Let me rebut:

1. Josh Beckett is one of the five best pitchers in baseball right now. One game does not a season make.
2. The law of averages as it pertains to a knuckleball pitcher seems to indicate that Tim Wakefield will win 12 to 15 games this season, as per usual.
3. I have caught a knuckleball, it is not easy. Give the kid a break, seriously.
4. No doubt, this is the biggest reason for the team slump at the plate. With Coco on base, Mark Loretta sees more fastballs. More fastballs equals more hits. Two on and Ortiz up means Big Papi does not automatically draw a walk. More on base, more chances for Manny to drive in runs. It all starts with Coco.
5. The Red Sox do have legitimate options at AAA if Lenny cannot step it up: Abe Alvarez would be a great fit in the rotation, as would Matt Ginter. Also, do not forget that Jon Lester is working his way towards being ready to join the rotation in July/August/September if necessary.

The Red Sox have ninety-five reasons not to panic. Ninety-five wins looks about right for this club. The hits will come. The pitching is there. There is too much going right to get too upset about what is going wrong right now.

* * *