Sometimes you win...

Sometimes you lose.
Sometimes you are rained out.

I know that the name Terry Cashman is mud in Boston after he was roundly mocked by the talk radio imbeciles and idiots after his Red Sox 2004 World Series ballad he composed and performed, but I had his Talking Baseball album as a kid, and loved it. And the three lines above say it all.

So, middle of May, the Sox are hot and cold; the Celtics and Bruins are in hibernation; no one cares about non-local NBA action; and the Revolution are finding their stride at long last.

Rookie training camp is in session and although nothing is even close to be resolved or understood, the papers are atwitter about Lawrence Maroney and Chad Jackson. I liked the article by Michael Felger in the Sunday Herald ( that compared his initial reactions to Patriot busts (Cedric Cobbs, Bethel Johnson, and Rohan Davey) to those who stepped in and looked immediately like a pro player on the first day of camp (Deion Branch, Richard Seymour, Eugene Wilson, and Asante Samuel), lumping Jackson in the group of players who looked ready to dominate.

Speaking of the Pats, a sad story I came across online about Ryan Claridge, a rookie last year who was injured and never got a shot, but is back this year and could play a role at linebacker:

* * *