Yeah, that Josh Beckett, what a bum, eh?

Beckett was dynamic again as he carried a no-no into the sixth inning, and other than a mistake to Chase Utley, Beckett was about as unstoppable as he has been this season. The much maligned Beckett, who won his ninth game to go to 9-3, also brought his ERA down under 5.00. Nine wins at this stage of the season is not too bad for a pitcher who the local media insists on calling the trade for him a mistake because we gave up a shortstop prospect who may or may not be an impact player and also received a thirdbaseman who is playing gold glove defense while having reaquired his bat speed.

Also, Manny Ramierez crunched a couple of home runs, as he continues to make the early season discussions about if THIS IS THE YEAR OF DECLINE FOR MANNY. Yeah, that sounds like it was yet another great analysis.

* * *


Let the 2006 World Cup debacle serve as a lesson to all those sorry whiners who pop out of the woodwork every time the Red Sox play Anaheim, Baltimore, the Mets, or any other team with a member of the 2004 World Champions. You do not slowly run out of steam over the next couple of years to keep the same schmos together (or as we call it with a snide smile, the 21st century New York Yankees). The Red Sox, like the Patriots before them, realized that championship teams that remained stagnant did not win more championships (for example, look at how the Anaheim/California/Los Angeles Angels have slowly declined since their championship run in 2002, never bringing in the players needed to take the next step).

So what was the deal with the US team marching out the old fogies and leaving the exciting young kids who can create opportunities, score goals, and wreak havok on the opposing team back stateside? Every team still in the running has at least a couple young players who can change a game or provide a spark and a quick goal. A couple of kids who run out, create havok, and create opportunities. Instead, the US team appeared hesistant to break-up the 2002 team and kept deserving players back home.

Just like all those teams that tried to keep all the guys together for another run instead of making moves to improve, the US team paid for it by going home early.

* * *