Curt Schilling and Johann Santana hook-up tonight in a match-up that, if in Boston, would have the average Red Sox fan on and out front negotiating with the scalpers in order to get into Fenway to watch the game. The best young gun in the AL (Roy Halladay is no longer young, I guess) against the last old gunslinger in the AL who still packs bullets (the Big Eunich will not rejoin this list until he shows he can last past five innings and dominate a game again). Both pitchers have picked-up their games after some rough outings this spring. Unfortunately, the game is being played in the hideous dome in Minneapolis and the half-filled stadium will hardly generate the necessary buzz that that game deserves. At least for the Red Sox Nation zealots in front of their computers, listening to the radio, and watching on TV, the game will have a big fame feel.

* * *


Hideous showing by the US footy squad in World Cup on Monday. I do not subscribe to the argument that the US fails because the best athletes are in the NBA, MLB, and especially the NFL. Where is the spark, the youth, the aggressiveness of the US? Sitting at home and playing in the MLS. Taylor Twellman and his finishing touch around the net was not necessary for the team? Freddy Adu sitting at home? Sure, because USA Basketball and the Dream Team would have been the same with Michael Jordan sitting at home. Bad selection, bad coaching, and bad playing. For all Bruce Arena has done for US soccer, it is a shame that this is how it is going to end.

The only hope for the US is to go out and kick the crap out of Italy on Saturday, and hope that Ghana is a walk-over for the Czechs. Then, a rested Czech team beats up on Italy while the US cranks out a big win against Ghana. It is not a likely scenario, but at least it is still possible; however, after the Monday performance, I find it unlikely that this team will morph into the 2004 Red Sox and put on a show the rest of the way.

* * *