Lucky number seven. What in the world is Danny Ainge going to do with the pick? Is a trade going down? What veteran player would they target? Are the Celtics trading up or trading down? Is there some fishy deal with Kevin McHale and the Timberwolves and the sixth pick? Who the heck is going to be around at number seven? Do you draft for need or draft the best player available? Is character an issue and how much will it factor in the equation in relation to talent? Will marketability come into play by drawing fans from the once fertile Connecticut region with a UConn player? Is there a European player worth taking and waiting a year to play in the NBA? Those are the questions that Danny Ainge faces before making his move Wednesday night at the 2006 NBA draft.

Suffice to say, I pity the man. The Celtics have a legitimate all-star (Paul Pierce), a near all-star who can score (Wally Szczerbiak), a veteran who can help out off the bench for instant offense and rebounding (Raef LaFrenz), and a whole heck of a lot of youth, athleticism, and inexperience everywhere else. And Dan Dickau, Kandi Man, and Scalabrine are trade bait, right?

Is Big Al ready to make the next step? How about Big Perk? What is the future role for Delonte West? Or for that matter, Ryan Gomes? Should we expect more out of the Green Greens(es): Gerald Green and Orien Greene. Will Tony Allen return as the player with potential or the injured troublemaker of last season? Finally, what do the Celtics have in Dwayne Jones?

Of course, look at the names thrown around in trades for the number seven pick. Allen Iverson? Sebastian Telfair? Chris Duhon? How about the potential draftees? I have heard all of the following: Brandon Roy, Adam Morrison, Rudy Gay, Villanova Wildcat Randy Foye, Rajon Rando, Ronnie Brewer, Marcus Williams, Shawne Williams, Sheldon Williams (how many freaking Williams are there in this draft?), and LaMarcus Aldridge.

All-in-all, there are more questions than anyone could ponder with this draft, but at least on Thursday morning, we will have some sort of idea as to where the Celtics are going with the team next season.

* * *