Josh Beckett is 7-3. Before the Bozo Express (WEEI Talking Empty Heads, Horrigan at the Herald, etc) tries to run him out of town (because anyone who thinks Hanley Ramirez would be outperforming Alex Gonzalez in the Boston pressure cooker is nuts) because of a not-so-perfect transition to the American League, everyone in the media and the morons with no life and able to hold on the line at WEEI for an hour to scream like an idiot needs to take a step back. He is still the same age as most rookie pitchers (see Jonathan Papelbon), and was the best pitcher available last season. Who else out there was better? Josh Beckett is 7-3. He will be an all-star for many years to come. Everyone needs to relax and let Beckett take the ball every five days.

* * *


Let the Bethel Johnson era end at last in Foxboro, and not a day too soon! That the Patriots got anything for Johnson is a miracle. He was just the latest example of why teams need to draft football players instead of decathaletes (is that a word? Bruce Jenner was a decathalete. Either way, I just made the word up if it is not.). Johnson may do alright in New Orleans and contribute as a fourth receiver, but I am not holding my breath.

Getting Jonathan Sullivan in return takes a load off my mind. With no back-up at nose tackle to fill in for Big Vince Wilfork (Dan Klecko and the undrafted free agent parade were not much reassurance), Sullivan should at minimum fill that role. It is almost impossible to believe that he went number six overall and seven spots ahead of Ty Warren.

The best part of Sullivan in New England should be the presence of Richard Seymour. A former teammate at the University of Georgia, Seymour should be able to help him learn the defense, and hopefully keep him in line and keep him in the weight room the rest of the offseason. This is the first test for Seymour in his role as the newly appointed leader of the Patriots defense. If Sullivan shows one-half the talent he flashed in Georgia, the Patriots have a steal.

* * *