Sometimes, in retrospect, you realize the right thing was done after all: See AP Story Here

Basically, the story is that poor baby Shea Hillenbrand, that super slugging corner infielder with the career .779 OPS, is all torn up because those mean old Blue Jays did not start him the other night, and also that, sniff, sniff, no one called him and congratulated him on adopting a baby.

Sadly, I am not making this up.

Pimp Daddy Shea had the unique luck to be mentored by none other than old pal Crazy Carl Everett while in Boston. As John Tomase quoted Hillenbrand in the Eagle Tribune way back on August 21, 2002:
Carl was very good to me,
Hillenbrand said earlier this year.
He taught me how to play the game right. If you took the time to get to know
him, he was a good guy. He's not the jerk everyone made him out to be.
Sadly, I am not making this up.

Hillenbrand, of course, is best remembered for his idiotic bashing of Theo for no other reason than daring to trade the great and wonderful Shea. I wish I had a link to that article in the Globe after he was traded to Arizona for Byung-Hyun Kim, but as I recall, the Sox were on the road and Theo flew out there to tell him to his face (rather than pull a Dan Duquette), and Hillenbrand just ripped him and babbled on about how he was the next Jeff Bagwell.

Sadly, I am not making this up.

Good luck, Shea. I hear the Royals and Pirates may have an opening for a loud-mouth jerk corner infielder with no power in AAA.