So the Sox split. 3-3 on the swing through Seattle and Oakland. Sure, you want the team to do better, but when the team is a couple time zones away a split is not too bad. Sure, I want the Sox to put some distance between themselves and the Yankees, but it is more a testament to the Yankees getting great pitching from Chieng-Ming Wang (the ONLY Taiwanese pitcher to do well in the bigs, and coincidently the only one NOT signed by Dan Duquette), and the old boy duo of Mike Mussina and Randy Johnson. Whether the Big Eunich and Surly Mike can keep it up through October having to go eight innings every start (since there is no one any good in the Yankee bullpen other than the timeless Mariano Rivera) is another story. As long as Jason Giambi can stay on the, uh, supplements (yeah, supplements, that is what they are) while BALCO crumbles will be important as Jeter has lost his power and A-Rod is keeping the psychologists on retainer.

Anyway, the Sox now have more home games the rest of the way than any team in baseball, and considering their record at home, that should be advantageous.