Now we have reached that inevitable point of the season where I can throw out all the doozies from my cliche cache as the Red Sox struggle through injuries and inconsistency in these first weeks of August. Forget about it. Lose three straight to the Royal? Forget about it. Lose two of three to the Devil Rays and be mocked with Sweet Caroline playing as the Sox walk off the field? Forget about it. Three games back of the Yankees? Forget about it.

Here are the facts:
There are still seven weeks of regular season baseball left.
The Red Sox play the Yankees nine more times.
The Red Sox will not play .500 baseball the rest of the season. They are just too talented.
The Yankees will likely play .500 baseball the rest of the season. They sure as hell will not keep winning 7 of 10 the rest of the way unless Mariano Rivera starts coming into games in the sixth inning ala Goose Gossage in the seventies.
Pennants are not won in August, they are won in September and October.

Here are the opinions:
Anyone saying the season is over is actually just waiting for football to start and turn Sunday afternoon back into a national holiday.
I will take David Wells over Cory Lidle any day of the week.
Beckett and Schilling will still each win at least 18 games, if not more.
If A-Rod turns into Chuck Knoblauch/Steve Sax/Mackey Sasser in July/August, how many throws will he airmail to right field in Fenway in September?
The Red Sox have David Ortiz. The Yankees best clutch hitter is: Melky Cabrera?
Here is the Yankees platoon: Craig Wilson + Andy Phillips = Wilson Phillips. Wilson Phillips! Hah! Get it? Eighties all-girl pop band with Carnie Wilson belting out tunes with two semi-hot singers (maybe they just looked good next to her in comparison?).

* * *