Bring on Jake the Snake! Champ Bailey? He is going to be the CHUMP this week! Heck, bring me the heads of both Bells! Rod Smith is going to have a huge target on him this game with Rodney and Eugene looking for him coming over the middle of the field. Is anyone else ready for this game? Denver handed the Patriots their first post-season loss since the days of Pistol Pete Carroll. Tom Brady, after two pedestrian weeks, after an off-season of thinking about Champ Bailey racing down the sidelines every time the alarm clock rang in the morning (what is the deal with him and Bridget Moynihan? Do they live together? Do they just go out to dinner and celebrity functions? Is she a prop for Tom? What he heck is People magazine good for if they cannot give me updates on this?).

Since I am still thinking of Pistol Pete, are we all PUMPED and JACKED for this game? I am all worked-up just THINKING about it. I know I am. I have no idea how I am going to last until 8:30PM on Sunday (plus the inevitable conflict of missing out on the Simpsons-American Dad-Family Guy trifecta that has lamentably become the only must-see non-sports TV. The other crappy non-cartoon show sucks eggs and should be replaced by new Futurama episodes immediately if not sooner).

And after the Pats beat the Broncos we jump in the van and track down Shannon Horse-face Sharpe and beat him with baseball bats while shouting: WHO IS CALLING THE *expletive deleted* NATIONAL GUARD NOW, *expletive deleted*?

* * *