Week Three Picks RECAP

Carolina vs. Tampa Bay

First off, what a gutsy performance out there by Chris Simms. Of course, Tampa lost and Carolina won, but what is up with Carolina? So much for that Super Bowl offense and defense. That said, the best teams peak after the mid-point of the season, not in week three. There is plenty of time left for Carolina to get back on track.

Chicago vs. Minnesota

Not for nothing, but as ugly as that interception from his own end zone that Rex Grossman threw, his game winning drive was the complete opposite: under control and efficient. The Bears are winning the close games and winning the blow outs. Are the Bears really for real? Next week against Seattle should be very interesting.

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh

Maybe Bill Cowher should have left Charlie Batch at QB for a couple of weeks, no? Roethlisberger should be back to his usual self, but if Pittsburgh cannot run the ball, what does it matter?

Green Bay vs. Detroit

The headlines all screamed that Favre is back! Umm, sure. He beat the worst team in the league. Look out, here comes the Lombardi Trophy. Now would be the time for Favre to walk away, after his last good game. I shudder to watch Monday night when Philadelphia feasts on the Pack.

Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis

Damn. Jacksonville SHOULD have been more competitive and should have won the game. Is it just me, or does anyone else think Jacksonville is better on offense without Byron Leftwich in at QB?

NY Jets vs. Buffalo

J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets! The good thing about the Jets is that they play against Indy this week which will at least give the Patriots some fresh video to watch when they match-up later this season.

Tennessee vs. Miami

Wow, David Givens FINALLY made a few receptions. Way to earn that big contract. Feel free to talk with Damien Woody anytime to discuss how money does not buy the happiness that a winning team earns.

Washington vs. Houston

Mark Brunell should have come off the field after being 22 for 22 and called it a career right there. Nothing but the downward spiral left after that.

Baltimore vs. Cleveland

Romeo has his team improving (though at 0-3 one would never know it), but this loss was just painful. Nice to see Willie McGinest get his first sack in a Browns uniform. Think he misses the winning yet?

NY Giants vs. Seattle

I was wrong. Evil Eli showed up. This game was over in the first five minutes.

Philadelphia vs. San Francisco

San Francisco put up a valiant effort again and just came up short. Alex Smith looked alright. Of course, as a GAME TIME DECISION, Brian Westbrook stayed stapled to my bench, and after scoring 30 fantasy points, I had to be restrained from throwing my shoe through the TV watching highlights as I lost this week by three points. Game time decision my @$$.

St. Louis vs. Arizona

ZZZZZZ. Look, I did not even watch the highlights of this game. St. Louis won, but no one cared.

Denver vs. New England

Brady laid an egg. End of discussion. He needs to stop pointing fingers and sulking like a spoiled brat and start throwing the ball where it belongs. He overshot open receivers countless times, and I lay that blame on him. The offensive line did well pass-blocking. The running game was gone, but Brady missed deep, missed intermediate, and was out-of-synch. He could have had Jerry Rice and Lance Alworth out there and still lost. The new receivers excuse already old. Chad Jackson, Doug Gabriel, and Reche Caldwell are all legitimate NFL receivers. Brady needs to stop whining and start executing.

Atlanta vs. New Orleans

Wow. What a horrible performance. Not just Atlanta, but Green Day. Now Bono knows how Frank Sinatra felt doing those duets with the chumps they pulled off the street to record with him (Bono excluded, of course). I was hoping the Edge would start kicking the Green Day bozos off the stage while performing and then break into Bullet the Blue Sky, but no such luck.

Oh yeah, Michael Vick got back to normal in a hurry, eh? Warrick Dunn is on my list since his crappy performance (in place of Brian Westbrook) is the reason I lost to Brigs in fantasy football this week. That said, no team would have stood a chance with the emotion of the night inside the Super Dome. Viva New Orleans.

For some reason, I think Miami is a little disappointed they ended up with Daunte Culpepper and Joey the duck Harrington instead of Drew Brees. Just like all of Houston rues the day Mario Williams was the first pick over Reggie Bush. The Saints were 2 for 2 this offseason.

TOTAL FOR WEEK: 9 - 5. Not great, but then again, a couple of these were painful losses!

* * *