Buffalo at Miami
Every instinct in me always says to pick against Miami. Did I listen this time? No.

Daunte Culpepper is proving as horrible as I predicted when Miami signed him way back in March. He looks so out of sync it is not funny. You know it is a bad QB situation when the fans are screaming for Joey the Duck Harrington.

Buffalo, meanwhile, still stinks on offense. At least their defense showed up and their special teams were outstanding. Bill Belichick warned everyone in the media about their special teams before week one. It certainly looks like that as usual he knew precisely what he was talking about.

Carolina at Minnesota
WINNER: Carolina
Carolina was, like Miami, the consensus Super Bowl pick. Wow, I am glad I stayed away from both of those teams. Who figured on Carolina at 0-2? (Other than Falcons fans, of course).

Minnesota has a decent, not great defense. Their offense is under control at all times with Brad Johnson at the helm. They are far from dominant on either side of the ball, but they appear to be well-coached by Brad Childress and could very well sneak into the playoffs at 10-6.

Carolina, well, Steve Smith or no Steve Smith, their offense struggled. DeShawn Foster was terrible. Thank goodness I did not waste a fantasy draft pick on that tub of lard.

Cleveland at Cincinnati
WINNER: Cincinnati
Another easy pick, though I root for Romeo.

Detroit at Chicago
WINNER: Chicago
Wow. Is Chicago for real? And how is Damien Woody enjoying Detroit?

Houston at Indianapolis
WINNER: Indianapolis
Yeah, that was a tough pick.

New Orleans at Green Bay
WINNER: New Orleans
Bring on the Aaron Rodgers era.

NY Giants at Philadelphia
Way to go, Eli.

Oakland at Baltimore
WINNER: Baltimore
Minnesota never looked so good to Randy Moss.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta
WINNER: Tampa Bay
Gosh, Tampa may really be really really bad after all.

Arizona at Seattle
WINNER: Seattle
Closer than it should have been, that is for sure.

St Louis at San Francisco
WINNER: St Louis
Really, who cares? I caught the end of the game, and though entertaining, both teams are a long way from contending again.

Kansas City at Denver
WINNER: Denver
Yeah, no one believed Denver would start-off 0-2, no matter how bad Jake the Snake played.

New England at NY Jets
WINNER: New England
Closer than it should have been in the second half.

Tennessee at San Diego
WINNER: San Diego
Well, duh.

Washington at Dallas
WINNER: Dallas
It hurt me to pick it right, but Washington, for all the money they throw around, are far worse than they should be with no end of the misery in sight.

Pittsburgh at Jacksonville
WINNER: Jacksonville
Yes, there is nothing I like better than a Roethlisberger meltdown.

TOTAL FOR WEEK: 12-4. (Call me butter, because I am on a roll.)