With former New England Patriots franchise savior Drew Bledsoe looking like Brett Favre against the Giants in the first half of the Monday Night Football game on ESPN (and no, that was not a compliment), Bill Parcells reached for the old panic button. Realistically, if Tony Romo was going to be the choice, the old curmudgeon in the Big D (and co-New England Patriots franchise savior) should have went with Romo all along. Of course, Romo went on to save my fantasy football season by throwing three more picks, including one brought all the way back to give me the six points I needed and squeak out a win by less than three points.

Back to the big mess with the ex-Pats. Parcells is toast. He is done. This team will never win anything in Dallas. I would be surprised if he made it to the end of the season. The dream is over. Running game stinks, there is no QB, Terry Glenn is the mentally stable wide receiver on the field, and the defense cannot stop anyone. The problem is not Bledsoe. It is the entire offense. Dallas has two running backs that need to be morphed into one; two head-case wide receivers; and a leaky offensive line. The defense, a strength a few years ago, is obviously in transition and in need of a purpose.

Time for the Tuna to hang it up.

* * *