Ho-hum. Another impressive performance from the lunch-pail gang in Foxboro. A solid, near-mistake-free game in which the Patriots dominated from the opening drive until the end of the game. Nothing sexy. Just the Bill Belichick bend-but-do-not-break defense holding the hapless Bills to two field goals.

Seriously, the offense, defense, and special teams were excellent. Minnesota, Indy, and Chicago. Three tough teams standing between the Pats going 11-5 and 14-2. As good as they looked on Sunday, how could anyone not think that it is going to be Denver, New England, Indianapolis, and beating up on whoever gets in their way in January (that is presuming Denver dumps Jake the Snake for Jay Cutler).


Corey Dillon rushed for some tough yards.
Doug Gabriel looks like a solid receiver who can make a lot of plays for the Patriots. The Raiders gave this guy up and kept Jerry Porter and Randy Moss?
Tom Brady seemed not to have many body language issues.
The offensive line settled down nicely and protected Brady form the mid-second quarter on.
We have a Chad Jackson sighting! We have a Chad Jackson sighting! We have a Chad Jackson sighting!


I know what Asante Samuel is thinking (ala Mo Vaughn): Every day the price goes up! Seriously, the Pats need to get this guy locked up.
Junior Seau quietly had his best game yet as a Patriot.
Chad Scott! SMACKDOWN! Best hit of the year for the Pats (I would have said the double-team on Lick My Cotchery of the Jets, but he never went down and scored a cheap TD.
Willis McGahee is a good running back, and he looked very ordinary against the Patriots front seven.
Jarvis Green or no Jarvis Green, I am still holding my breath regarding Richard Seymour.


Kicker? Is there some issue with the kicker?
Is this the best anyone has ever seen Josh Miller punt?
Laurence Maroney stealing the ball from Kevin Faulk and rumbling seventy yards was unbelievable. I was standing and pumping my fist. I have not been that excited about a kickoff return since Stephan Starring was running them back for the Patriots in the mid-eighties.

* * *

Highlight of the game? Check out the PET PICK OF THE WEEK over at Big Vince Wilfork digging out a little second-half snack. Ughh.

* * *