Funny how the same people that ripped the Red Sox front office repeatedly for taking a stand and not giving in to motor-mouth Pedro when they knew anything over 2 years was just throwing money away are now crowing about how smart Theo was in putting one over on Omar Minaya and the Mets as they are stuck with two more years of exorbitant salary with likely nothing in return. Look, the Mets got what they needed out of Pedro: he gave them legitimacy. They knew the risk they were taking. Just like Theo knew the risk in going to three years for Pedro. Do you think the Yankees knew the risk? The fact they did not even make an offer for the Dominican Diva when they were desperate for pitching should have set off warning bells about his fragile shoulder.

Sure, Pedro would have been great last year on the Red Sox, and for half a season this year, but that is why Theo was adamant about the two year contract. They knew his shoulder would not hang in there long. Pedro knew it. What galls me is that these idiots who ripped Theo and the front office all last season and this spring now turn around and act like they were all for letting Pedro walk.

* * *

Already the great debate is on regarding Jonathan Papelbon and his role with the 2007 Red Sox. Obviously, his future is in the starting rotation. A big three of Papelbon, Curt Schilling, and Josh Beckett matches up with any starting rotation in the big leagues. A healthy Tim Wakefield and Jon Lester (God willing) would make a strong rotation, with a selection of kids, reclamation projects, and yet-to-be-acquired choices to fall back upon.

The bullpen is a big question mark, but there are a number of young pitchers who can help (Craig Hansen, Manny Delcarmen, Edgar Martinez) as well as a few former closers out there who could be brought in as a short-term solution. My theory would be for the Sox to bring in as many relievers with closing experience, throw them against the wall, and see who sticks.

The line-up will be much improved just by having a healthy Coco Crisp and Wily Mo Pena. I imagine that either Julio Lugo or Alfonso Soriano will be brought in to bring a big bat to the line-up. Manny will likely play out his contract in Boston whether he likes it or not, and the Sox just need to keep Big Papi happy and healthy.

* * *