The Patriots offense could not run the ball. They could not throw the ball. They could not stop the mighty Joey Harrington to Wes Welker connection. They did, however, stop the Dolphins ground game, created some turnovers, and not give up any cheap, long passes. In other words, it was a typical Patriots-Dolphins game.

Make no mistake, the AFC East interdivision games are always competitive games. Miami and the Jets are led by mini-Bill Belichicks (Nick Saban and Eric Mangini), and the Bills finally have a solid, defensive coach in Dick Jauron. The games tend to be close, with one big play swinging the balance of the game. These teams play each other enough that the teams know each other inside out. I mean, Zack Thomas and Jason Taylor have played 10+ games against Brady and Belichick, heck Keith Traylor played for the Patriots. There are no secrets between these teams.

A trademark of the Patriots is winning ugly. It is never pretty, but they somehow manage to pull out the game in the end. It is not luck (for the most part), but instead it is good coaching, smart players, and the team staying cool under pressure. The Patriots are not going to have many 28-13 blowouts. Instead, the 20-10 win versus Miami was what the Patriots do best: enough to win.

* * *


Caught only pieces of the first half as we had the wild and crazy fifth birthday party for Hal Dawg. Five years olds running wild at the bowling alley, that is what it is all about.

Nice to see Ellis Hobbs flying around the field even though he had one hand in a huge cast.

Anyone seen Rosie Colvin (on the field, I mean. He was on NESN chatting with Hazel Mae and hawking his book bags this AM.)?

We went to Warren, RI this Saturday as there was a fair/pumpkin contest. Why? Well it was fun for the kids, and the boyfriend of my sister Rose had an entry (as well as his Dad). I saw some large pumpkins (1,000 lbs+), but none of them were as round and large as the mid-section of Keith Traylor on Sunday.

Anyone says anything about Tom Brady and body language again and I explode.

The Dolphins coughed up a second round pick for Daunte Culpepper? Kudos to Minnesota on that piece of highway robbery.

Nice timing for the bye week. 4-1. A couple tough games out of the way. Time for a lot of work between Tom Brady and the receiving corps.

When are the Pats going to take care of Asante Samuel with a new contract?

* * *