My Picks Recap

MY PICK: #1 Indianapolis 17 at Baltimore 27:
Ahh, pity poor little Peyton Manning: Yet another early exit from the playoffs. At least now he has time to film endless commercials instead of offering to rework his contract to defer some money so the team can get a linebacker with pulse. Nope, Peyton before team as always. Baltimore has the defense to match-up with Peyton. Fortunately for the San Diego-New England winner, Baltimore will bring Air McNair and for some deliciously maddening reason, Jamal Lewis instead of Mike Anderson, to the Championship Game, greatly enhancing the prospect of a loss against a team that can actually play defense.

RESULT: I was right about Baltimore and their hideous offense! Just thought they could score a couple of TDs against the mighty Colts Juggernaut Defense. Look at what I wrote above. Obviously, I was thinking about what was the best match-up for the Pats instead of who should win (why people who bet their rent money should not be betting within the division of their home team during the playoffs). I knew McNair would blow. I told anyone who would listen all year long. So what happens? McNair goes out there in the playoffs and simply blows.

STATS: 0-1 for the week - 3-2 for the playoffs

MY PICK: #2 Philadelphia 16 at New Orleans 37:
Bum Phillips would be proud. The Saints are Marching In. Too much Deuce, Drew, and Reggie for the Philly D to handle. Watch for when Will Smith gets jiggy with it after he makes Jeff Garcia into a pancake.

RESULT: Closer than I had thought, but the Saints keep marching! Really, it would have been nice to see Jeff Garcia put up monster numbers and watch the bidding war for a 37 year-old retread QB.

STATS: 1-1 for the week - 4-2 for the playoffs

MY PICK: #3 Seattle 10 at Chicago 13:
I thought the Supersonics would hold off the Bulls, but on the road? No chance. Wait, this is a football game? Seahawks versus the Bears? Sure, everyone picked this as the NFC Championship Game after week 8, but no one expected Seattle to roll over and play dead like they did all season. Hmmm, two inconsistent QBs. One is bald and his sister-in-law is on the View. The other has a kingly first name and a last name fitting for his play of late. Ahh, the defense takes it. My bold prediction: Deion Break the Bank Branch has all of 2 receptions for less than 25 yards for the day: EARNING THAT BIG PAYDAY! (He is a money player, right?)

RESULT: Dead-on (though a bit more scoring). Break the Bank Branch, by the way, had another quiet game: 4 receptions for 48 yards, or, as I like to point out: LESS receptions, LESS yards, and LESS TDs in his two playoff games than either Jabar Gaffney or Reche Caldwell. Yeah, that first round pick keeps looking better and better right now.

STATS: 2-1 for the week - 5-2 for the playoffs

MY PICK: #4New England 34 at San Diego 24:
Do you believe in MartyBall? I most certainly do not. Do I believe in Belichick and Brady and Seymour and Vrabel? Yes, yes I do. Pride takes a fall in San Diego Sunday afternoon as guts beats glory for the umpteenth time.

RESULT: Martyball strikes again.

STATS: 3-1 for the week - 6-2 for the playoffs

All in all, I am rolling along with the picks for the playoffs, cruising in at 6-2 with a 75% hit ratio. Bring on the Colts!

* * *