Pats v. Jets Live Blogging - FIRST QUARTER

Getting the ball first, the Patriots came out in a hurry-up, no-huddle offense and marched right down the field with Brady connecting a couple of times to Jabbar Gaffney picking on the injured Andre Dyson. After a big first down catch by Troy Brown down to the ten, Dillon romped in to the end-zone and the Patriots were up 7-0 quick. The defense came out and stopped Pennington in a hurry with a sack, scramble, and an incompletion. The Pats got the ball back, lost field position on a stupid penalty on the punt and then started down the field behind the running of Lawrence Maroney. Then, on third down and six, Brady completed a six-yard pass to Jabbar Gaffney yet again, but Gaffney, rather than fall down for the first down, back-tracked in an attempt to get more yards, slipped, and ended-up a yard short and forced a punt.

The Jets were able to move the ball a bit (aided by an idiotic 15 yard unnecessary roughness call against Big Vince Wilfork. Vince was stuffing the Jets running game with a vengeance throughout the first quarter, showing the aggressiveness one would expect from a pounder forced to the sideline for the past four weeks. A screen to Leon Washington netted eleven yards. Other than that, the Jets got a third and long short completion to Lavernaues Coles which came up a few yards short and forced, after showing a bunch of different looks, a punt.

Suddenly the shit hit the fan as the Patriots running back Corey Dillon fumbled on the first carry following the Jets punt giving them the ball inside the twenty. Dwayne Robertson knocked it out of his hands and old friend Hank Poteat picked it up. The Pats defense held strong on the first two runs, setting the Jets up in a third and five at the ten. Pennington missed Coles again on third and the Jets were forced to bring Mike Nugent in to hit a 28 yard field goal.

After the kickoff, Brady hit Reche Caldwell on yet another quick-out on the sideline for six yards. Brady seems very comfortable tossing the ball to the sideline. After a two yard run by Lawrence Maroney (in for fumbling Corey Dillon), Brady quick-snapped and snuck ahead for the first. Brady went long on first down and under-threw Chad Jackson. A quick out to Watson netted about seven on second down, but then going to the well once too many times almost ended up in a pick as Brady tried to go to Watson again on the opposite side of the field. Fortunately, the Jets cornerback could not come up with it and the Pats were forced to punt.

Another short run by Leon Washington closed out the first quarter.